Summary: Christ is sufficient. In Him the believer finds sufficiency. Surrendering to Christ as Lord of your life is the beginning of a new life in Christ. This life, this relationship, grows in so many ways as we follow His leadership. The world, the flesh & t



Good morning and welcome again to our continuing journey together through the book of Colossians. Colossians has disclosed to us thus far that in Christ we are reconciliation to God (1:21-23), find the revelation of the mystery of God (1:24-27) in Christ, the believers’ fulfillment (1:28-29) is in Christ, and God’s wisdom (2:1-5) is in Christ. Therefore believers should continue to live “in Him” [used six times in these verses].

Christ is sufficient. In Him the believer finds sufficiency. Surrendering to Christ as Lord of your life is the beginning of a new life in Christ. This life, this relationship, grows in so many ways as we follow His leadership. The world, the flesh and the devil will try to get you following other things, other philosophies, other experiences. But, if you have Christ, you have everything you ever need (CIT).

Christ is everything to me. Since the day I responded to His acceptance of me just as I was, He has become my all in all. I surrendered my will and the control of my life to Him. That day was the beginning of a relationship which has grown continuously through the years. Christ means everything to me and as I abide in Him He provides everything I need to experience Him and His abundant life.

Finding Christ or surrendering to Christ is only the beginning. Christ intends for us to grow in our faith. There are ways that will help us grow and there are ways that will hinder or even stop our growth.




Verse 6 urges us to continue our Christian life just as it commenced, in the Lord Jesus Christ. “Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him,”

Therefore builds the concluding exhortation on what Paul has said in verses 2–5. The Colossians have received Christ Jesus the Lord, they have settled convictions about His deity and sufficiency, and are standing firm against the attacks of false teachers. To stand firm does not mean to stand still. They must continue to walk in Him.

The banks of certain rivers are lined with a substance called “near quicksand.” It’s almost quicksand—but not quite. If you keep walking on this near-quicksand, you don’t have a problem. But if you stop, you’ll start sinking, and you’ll eventually get sucked in completely.

So, too, if we don’t keep walking in our Christian experience, we’ll start sinking. The way to keep walking is not to seek some deeper truth. The way to keep moving is to walk in faith in the Christ we have received. Walk indicates that our relationship with Christ is not to be stagnate but to be a growing relationship.

The familiar term walk refers to daily conduct. In this context it emphasizes continuing to believing the truth about Christ, not allowing their faith in Christ’s deity and authority to waver. It was Christ who saved them so do not to forsake His divine authority for any human sophistry or chicanery.

In broader terms walking in Christ means living in union with Him. It means to maintain a lifestyle patterned after His. “The one who says he abides in Him,” the apostle John writes, “ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked” (1 John 2:6). When faced with the dilemmas that confront Christians in their daily lives, the guideline should be, “What would Jesus do in this situation?” [WWJD]

JACK ECKERD founded the chain of drug stores that bear his name. Eckerd gave his employees Eckerd's shares from his personal stock. By taking advantage of the stock option program offered by Eckerd, his employee’s benefitted financially in the success of the new company. Mr. Eckerd sent a letter to his employees expressing the hope that they would feel a moral obligation to give 10 percent of what they gained through their stock options to their church, charity, or to help someone else. Eckerd himself gave huge sums of money to missions and charitable causes.

Not long after becoming a Christian, Eckerd walked through one of his stores and noticed pornographic magazines in the magazine racks. Although retired, Eckerd called the company president and urged him to get rid of the magazines. Management demurred, citing the substantial profits they stood to lose. Eckerd used his power as the largest stockholder, and his wishes prevailed. Pornographic materials were removed from all 1,700 stores, Questioned as to why he took such a stand, Eckerd said, "God wouldn't let me off the hook.” Mr. Eckerd made a decision to walk with God.

Ask God to help you walk with Him day by day. We put our faith into practice one step at a time. Allow what God works into our life to work it’s way out of our life. Walking in Christ is how we become Christ-like. Waking in Christ is focusing our thoughts on Him, on what He has done, what He is doing, and what He will do for us. [We take a risk by depending completely on Him, obeying His commands, and putting His teaching into practice.

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