Summary: The Bible is telling us here in Philippians that we need to walk in humility.

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The sermons that I have listed are 30 to 40 minute sermons. I have only listed the points and a couple of comments under each point of each sermon to give the preacher a remembrance which the Holy Spirit can lead on and speak through the man of God.

Midweek Manna

Philippians 2:3, Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.

Today we live in a world where everything is about self; we have become proud of our appearances, our abilities, and our achievements. We don’t like to be told what to do or how to do things that evolve in our life. We go to church to be entertained, and not to be a disciple. If the preacher convicts our lifestyle, then we get mad and leave, instead of cleaning up our lives and obeying the Word of God. The Bible is telling us here in Philippians that we need to walk in humility and value and care for other folks as well.

First, we see that humility makes us approachable.

There are some people who can walk in the room and automatically change the mood of everyone in the room. We have a choice in our lives to walk positive, or walk negative again the choice is ours. As a child of God I need to be content in whatever situation I am in. I should be trusting in God because when I walk with the Lord and stay steadfast in His Word God promises to be with me through it all. When I walk in humility I make myself open and approachable to everybody that needs to hear a Word from the Lord. Jesus was the most humble man to ever walk this earth and when we walk and imitate Jesus people will approach you because they feel safe and secure to tell you their issues.

Second, being humble allows us to be peacemakers.

When we walk in humility it allows us to speak and act slowly and think things through. Humility is not a weakness; it is an inner strength that only a child of God can manage. There are families, friends, marriages, classmates, and co-workers that do not get along because no one cared enough to be humble (Mathew 5:9).

Third, when we walk in humility we become the minority.

There are not many in the world and in the Christian world that walk in humility. It doesn’t matter who is against you, as long as God is with you (1 Corinthians 3:16). As a child of God the only one that I am concerned about and have to answer to is God. When I am right with God my relationship will be right with others because folks will know I shoot straight when it comes to doing the right thing. This is why it is important that Christians walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh.

Fourth, walking in humility make us more like Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong no one is perfect except Jesus, Christians are not perfect, and we as Christians need God’s grace and mercy to get through this journey of life on earth. The world can pick out a fake person in a minute; this is why we need to be who we claim we are and who we claim to serve. We must become servants of Christ while keeping in mind that it is not about us, but all about Jesus. Have a bless week my friends and remember we share because we care, please share this with your friends that are in need. May the Lord's peace be with you my friends!

“Walking in Humility”

I. Humility makes us approachable.

II. Humility makes us able to be peace makers.

III. Humility makes put us in the minority.

IV. Humility makes us more like Jesus.

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