Summary: Walking in the Light Means Abiding in the Truth 1.

Walking in the Light Means Abiding in the Truth

1. Abiding in the Truth Requires Recognition of those Forces That Oppose the Truth (:18-19)

a. We are living in the age of antichrist -- of apostasy and final opposition to Christ (:18)

b. Departure from the truth unmasks antichrists (:19)

1) no inward fellowship of life

2) doctrinal departure

3) visible departure from the body of true believers

4) active attempts to deceive the true believers and lead them astray

2. All Christians Have Two Sufficient Resources for Abiding in the Truth (:20-23)

a. All Christians have the indwelling Holy Spirit

b. All Christians know the truth that is adequate for abiding

God's revelation = the Apostolic Word about Christ

1) This knowledge of the truth is fundamental to assurance

2) Denying or confessing Christ is the touchstone of truth

3. These Two Resources Encourage Abiding in the Truth Until We Reach the Goal (:24-28)

a. The Apostolic Word About Christ (:24-25)

1) How does it encourage abiding in the truth?

2) What is the goal in view?

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