Summary: Where are you going Heaven’s light or Eternity’s night

Sermon Walking in the Light

I John 1:7

I. Walking in the Light

a. God is Light and in him is no darkness at all – Therefore

i. To walk in the light is to walk with God. This implies ILLUMINATION Ye were sometime darkness TRANSLATION out of the kingdom of darkness RECONCILIATION How can two walk together except they be agreed?

ii. To walk in the light is to walk according to God’s word. “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet

1. The entrance of thy word giveth light It means an intellectual, experimental, practical knowledge of God’s word

2. Doers and not hearers only

3. This walking must be constant, progressive. The path of the just

iii. No unsaved person can thus walk – They are said to be dead, in darkness, disobedient.

II. Washed in the Blood

a. Not the blood of beast, men or angels, but HIS SON. This is

i. The alone remedy – Not when I see your good deeds etc but when I see the blood

ii. A present remedy – CLEANSETH the moment a sinner accepts

iii. A complete remedy – from ALL sin

iv. A sure remedy – cleanseth

v. A perpetual remedy – for all time and eternity

vi. A costly remedy – Not silver nor gold etc

vii. A substitutionary remedy – Our sins cried to heaven for vengeance – someone must die

Where are you going

Heaven’s light or Eternity’s night

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