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Summary: Study of the book of Isaiah, Chapter 2. In this message we see God's calling to move into the House of Jacob -- that we would not only move, but that we would bring others as well.

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Walking in the Light

Isaiah 2:5


- Can you imagine for a moment if the literal house of Jacob acknowledged Jesus?

- However, these people have a veil over their hearts; to hide the true Messiah

- Yet, there is good news – one day they will see Him; and that day we will too

- A day is coming that we shall see the True and Living God; are you ready?

- Let’s stand together and Read Isaiah 2:1-5 / Pray

Point 1 – Here is an invitation

- V5 says, “Come, o House of Jacob, let us walk in the light of the Lord.”

- It is important to note that we ALL need this kind of invitation to walk with God

- As believers, we should desire to submit this way and live under God’s protection

- But the challenge is: Who are we bringing to God as well?

- Even though we might invite, the invitation from God is singular and individual

- The nations and the house of Jacob are called to respond because of God’s desire

- He desires to be close to them and to be in a relationship; we must too – 2 Pet 3:9

- We must walk in the light of the Lord (1 John 1:7); willing to grow and change


For us, this invitation comes in several forms we must recognize:

- For us who have been ministered too. Have you been comforted? Loved? Healed? Delivered? Destroyed? Crushed? Changed?

- How about those you’ve ministered to that have accepted Jesus? Joy felt?

- From new converts, who are burning in zeal to be like the older saints – the invite is to teach them and develop them with temperance and patience

- For those of us who desire to lift one another up (“… come let US walk …”)

Point 2 - We must accept this invitation

- No other light is comparable to it; especially if you are already bought by God

- Go to 1 Corinthians 6:20 with me – let’s read how valuable you are: “you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.” Jehovah is your LIGHT!

- There is no other walking that is ever going to be safe (Psalm 119:105 – “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”

- Walking in the light of the Lord means that your eyes are open – you’re changed

APP: When we accept this invitation, what is it that happens?

- In the light we find certainty for the mind

- Reason makes guesses, or confesses that she knows nothing

- Revelation alone is sure, infallible, unalterable. All other light is DARKNESS

- In this light we find rest for the conscience

- We see Jesus, his blood, and the perfect pardon which it procures

- We see his perfect righteousness covering us, and making us bow before God

- Perfection is in Christ – but what do we seek until we are face to face?

- In this light we find direction for judgment

- We see sin, love, providence, the future, etc. in their true colors and we respond

- We learn to know the right way to go – all by being willing to enter in/respond

- We discover the hidden snares, and are led to avoid them at all costs

- Better than any GPS or map we could find; God’s direction is perfect

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