Summary: We see in Ephesians 5:15-21 that Paul instructs us how we should walk in the Spirit.

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Walking in the Spirit

Ephesians 5:15-21

I. The How and Why We Should Walk in the Spirit (v. 15-17)

A. We Should Walk With Caution (v. 15)

B. We Should Walk With Purpose (v. 16)

C. We Should Walk In Obedience (v. 17)

II. The What & Who Behind Walking in the Spirit (v. 18)

A. We See What Destroys a Spirit-filled Walk (v. 18a)

B. We See What is the Opposite of a Spirit-filled Walk (v. 18b)

C. We See Who is Behind a Spirit-filled Walk (v. 18c)

III. The Results of Walking in the Spirit (v. 19-21)

A. It Affects Our Worship (v. 19)

1. Our Walk Will Determine Our Reason for Worship

2. Our Walk Will Determine Our Passion for Worship

B. It Affects Our Attitude (v. 20)

1. Our Walk Shapes Our Attitude Toward God & Church

2. Our Walk Shapes Our Attitude Toward Others

C. It Affects Our Relationships (v. 21)

1. Our Walk Determines Our Submission to God

2. Our walk Determines Our Submission to Each Other

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