Summary: When we take our time and "Walk" through the word, we discover personal principles in even the most difficult passages

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Walking in the Word

Romans 9:6-17

* Turn with me to Romans 9 and let’s read verses 6-17.

* Romans 9-11 are almost a “book” unto themselves. In fact, at least one preacher thinks this section of Romans needs to be dealt with independently of the rest of the book. Certainly there seems to be some logic to this.

* Were we a Bible or Seminary class it would be more than appropriate to talk about things like “Israel-God’s chosen people,” “the Patriarch”, “Deception in the family”, or a host of other subjects which might be of interest to a few but not really helpful when we leave this meeting. My desire is to not make our time together a lesson in academia but rather a rather a lesson in assistance.

* As I have read and studied this passage, I am again taken with how God can be found in every phrase of every passage, if only we take our time and walk through the word. To use the phrase “walk through” has come to mean that “to take one’s time” and “look beyond the obvious.” Today let’s do just that. Together let’s take a walk, not run, not scan, not pop in and out, but take our time and walk through God’s word & find Him there.

* Paul is obviously talking to and about the Jewish people, but we can discover 3 simple and helpful truths for them and for us.

1. God’s Word Is Strong – In the movie, “The Core”, a nerdy looking, computer geek delivers this line about his ability to hack the computer, “This is my Kung-fu and it is strong.” Without a second thought we can say, “The Word of God is our Kung-fu and it is strong. The HCSB Verse 6 begins, “It is not as though the word of God has failed” while the NKJV says “it’s not that the word of God has taken no effect.” The Greek term literally means that the word of God has not fallen down or failed. Throughout history, the enemy has attempted to do away with the word of God, but it has always been unsuccessful.

* Hebrews tells us, “The world of God is living, effective, powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword.” That verse goes on to remind us that the word of God penetrates beyond the exterior to the places few people know and see. Let me offer you three thought to put your hand around;

a. It Reveals Truth – As I have stated many times, in the USA today, truth is at a premium. Popular opinion is skewed about this thing of truth. People wanted to say truth is relative, but if truth is relative, is it really truth? For instance, when is cold blooded, calculated murder okay? When is rape okay? When is assault okay? The answer to all is never. How do we know that all these things are wrong? Because the Bible, the actual revelation of truth, tells us. The truth is, the Bible identifies and defines sin. Never miss this; a culture cannot define sin, it can only discover the truth. The Bible, God’s word, is a well constructed road map which leads us through this life and into the next one. As the Bible is digested, it gives instruction about how to be fulfilled in this life. Answers are found in the Bible because it reveals truth.

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