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Summary: What are you going to do when stars start falling and nature goes berserk? Do you want things to happen for you to get back to God? It’s time we stop looking for signs but start listening to His voice. Enoch lived in trying times & yet he walked with God.

Reflections for ‘Prepared for the Rapture’: All died except Enoch – by rapturing God was showing the world that if they had not sinned, they would be gone to be with the Lord in the same manner. (Enoch – 7th generation from Adam) (Noah – 10th generation from Adam)

**We live in the 7th century or 7000th year 7th millennium since the world began.

Story of saving grace – not surrounding gloom.

Introduction: This chapter covers a period of 1,500 years. It contains the history of Adam’s family to the time of Noah. In this chapter, is the story of Enoch. He began his walk with God after his son was born. Too many men wait until they die to walk with God. Enoch was 65 years old when he began his walk. He walked with God for 300 years. The first 65 years Enoch didn’t walk with God. He lived for the world. Lived the 2nd time after Methuselah.

Cainites / Sephites - descendents of Cain lived only for the world. Great in commerce, science, arts & had great big cities. They had knowledge of every sphere of the world. People of entertainment & celebrities. They had become so wicked that God Himself had come down & said I AM going to destroy the whole thing.

Just a few lines from Enoch God had to take a stand to destroy the world.

What did God do with the man who walked with him? God took him. (He didn’t see death.)

God didn’t take away all the people in the genealogy line. They may have been good people, going to church, paying their tithes, & offering & praying daily. God knew that in a short while He would be destroying the world by a flood and He only sought one man – Enoch. A man who lived in a very sinful world – but stood head & shoulders above everyone else. He did not sit on the fence and try to determine, assess & figure out God with his intellect. He just walked with God faithfully.

The Scenario of the world – getting ready for the flood but the people thought nothing would happen. (Now also people think nothing will happen. Jesus hasn’t come so far…)

God had thought that before I let loose my wrath on the world – I’ll get Enoch. He has walked with me. What happened to the rest of the world? They had to ride the flood. Enoch didn’t have to prepare for anything in the worldly way. He had already prepared his soul for eternity.

He was walking with God. (Amos 3:3) “Can 2 walk together ……… they be agreed”

What are you going to do when the stars start falling, earthquakes & cyclones hit you. Do you want things to happen for you to take that first step – to walk with God? It’s time we stop looking for signs BUT start listening to His voice.

Enoch lived in a generation, which was surrounded by gloom, & yet he walked with God.

I’ve got a proposition! Why not walk with God now.

Testimony of Enoch:

(1) Walked with God – Gen 5:24

(2) Pleased God – Heb 11:5

(3) Warned others about the coming judgment – Jude 14

To first please God you must learn to walk with God.

In Hebrews Enoch had a testimony that he pleased God but in Genesis he walked with God. You’ll never please God if we don’t first learn to walk with Him. A lot of people are walking away from God.

John 6: 66 “From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.” That’s sad when you have a Christian saved by His grace, they’ve been birthed into the family of God, their sealed with the holy seal of promise, born again and then they are not pleasing God because their not walking with God.

1 Corinthian 10: 5 “But with many of them God was not well pleased...”

A lot of people think they can hide things from God. You can’t hide anything from God. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, if you’re a born again believer, God is watching you this morning.

Romans 8: 8 “So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.”

Most people think about God and Jesus but they forget about the Holy Spirit. That’s what dwells in us on the inside. There are a lot of people that leave out the spirit of God.

Micah 6: 8 says that we should walk humbly with our God. Don’t try to get proud and boastful. Just walk humbly. If God isn’t first in your life, you’ll be last.

1 John 1: 6 “If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not practice the truth.”

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