Summary: Prayer is the greatest weapon we have in the spiritual battles we fight

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Ephesians 6:10-12, 18

In a small Kentucky town there were 2 churches and 1 whiskey distillery which was owned by the town atheist.

Church members complained that the distillery gave the community a bad image so they unsuccessfully tried to shut it down.

One Saturday night they held a joint prayer meeting during which a terrible storm raged for hours. Lightning struck the distillery and it burned to the ground.

The next morning both pastors preached on the ‘POWER OF PRAYER’.

The insurance company decided to not pay for the damages due to the ‘act of God’ clause in the policy so the distillery owner sued both churches for conspiring with God to destroy his building.

In court both churches denied any involvement in causing the fire.

A CONFUSED JUDGE said, ‘I find one thing about this case very complexing:

The plaintiff(an atheist) is professing belief in the power of prayer and the defendants(church members) are denying that same power.

1) Undoubtedly there is power in prayer. The pages of this Bible are filled with the proof. There is proof in the biographies of many great Christians, there should be proof in your life and in the life of this church and any other that names the name of JESUS CHRIST!

2) Prayer is not meant to be one of many activities we engage in as a church of one of many ministries you as a Christian can become involved in. PRAYER IS LIKE BREATHING! It is apart of every activity we do, without it we could not continue with any success for the kingdom of God.

3) Prayer is the very power of the Christian life. It was not given to be a start or an end to our meetings.

Many people have dropped prayer from their life because it is too cumbersome an activity, demands too much time or energy.


• Term Christian is an athletic term. Paul often described the Christian life as an athletic event: Runner-Boxer-Fighter-Worker. Prayer is demanding but our involvement in true, dynamic, faith-filled prayer will make or break our Christian life.

Health club near seminary in California: Muscle bound attendant. Someone asked him, ‘How much time do you spend working out?’ ‘5 hours a day’.

WoW What people will do for physical life and not for the spiritual.

What they will do for time and not for eternity.

RON DUNN: The world does not fear the church, it barely tolerates it. It considers the church no longer a player in the world affairs and only an observer.

The church is a quaint old relic of the past that lends a certain charm to a neighborhood, a holdover from bygone days, big but harmless, like a beached whale.


3 full-time pastors, 1,000’s of members, average daily attendance: . 30! Mandatory tithe law.

If you have ever gone to see the Harlem Globetrotters you get two teams for the price of one. The second is called the Washington Generals. They have one purpose: Be doormats for the Globetrotters. The passively get stomped in basketball. It is their job to lose.

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