Summary: Third of a series on Elisha. Naaman's story of cleansing has incredible parallels for what it means to become a Christian. There is no path to God that does not involve humility.

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After a week with a presidential primary debate, I imagine we are all thinking about how every leader has flaws and defects. What did they say? How did they say it? How did they seem while they said it? Were they calm and confident? Were they timid?

Who was the stronger figure?

There is no perfect leader among us.

None of us ever gets to the point where we don’t still have to clarify, to reach out, or to apologize.

In fact, many leaders deal not only with imperfections of character, but also imperfections of their body that prevent them from being all that they wish they could be some of the time.


SLIDE: Paul, Lincoln, Churchill


The Apostle Paul speaks of his “thorn in the flesh,” and how urgently he asked God to remove it.

Abraham Lincoln, despite our knowledge of him as an incredible leader, and one of our most important presidents, he suffered deeply with depression and anxiety.

There are more than two documented accounts where with all the pressures he was dealing with, he had public nervous breakdowns.

Winston Churchill became one of the greatest leaders and speakers of the 20th century, but he spent years of his life receiving therapy to help him with his stuttering. In fact, he spoke with a lisp, and had a hard time pronouncing the letter “s.”

He often would write speeches in ways that allowed him to avoid words that ended certain ways, selecting his words carefully.

To some degree, this great attention to detail probably contributed to just how excellent of a speaker he was. His slow, deliberate pauses and cadence made him especially memorable, as did the great thought he put into what he said.

We could give a long list of people who had some sort of flaw or challenge

You wonder if we scrutinized all the little aspects of many leaders over the centuries the way we do now, whether we might have missed out on some wonderful pieces of human history.


SLIDE: Naaman - 2 Kgs 5:1-4


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