Summary: Those who are without Christ as their personal Savior are faced with a cataclysmic event far worse than a “dirty bomb”, 911, a hurricane, or an earthquake. The Bible says that theirs will be an eternity in a “Lake of Fire”, somewhere in “outer-darkness


Since the first of the year, we have been focusing primarily on PRAYER. This is step one in our emphasis on PRAYER – CARE – SHARE. We have found that prayer can mean many things to each of us, but it should certainly involve the winning of souls into the Kingdom of God. As well, prayer should mean our praying for one another. Our desire is that all of us will –

1. Discover what we can do for this Family of God,

2. Eventually become everything the Lord has for us.

Furthermore, as we pray, we must be making ourselves ready for the soon return of Christ. Specifically, that is what I want to talk with you about this morning.


Question: Do you remember back in 1999 when the whole world was planning for the New Millennium? Can you remember all of the fuss about Y2K?

(It would be hard to ever forget all of that.)

Everyone seemed so concerned about a world-wide computer disaster that was supposedly going to take place. People all over the world began to stockpile water and dehydrated foods. I personally knew a couple from Evansville, IN, who had went out and bought weapons to protect themselves with. They even built a bomb shelter to store their food and to escape to when this unknown cataclysmic event. There was fear and pandemonium all of the world for fear of what would take place.

We all look back on those days and laugh at how crazy things got over a simple computer glitch.

Little did we know that –

· Less than two years later we would experience “911”, that would take the lives of over 3000 people and launch us into a global war on terror.

· Less than four years later we would see 5 cataclysmic hurricanes pound the State of Florida in just few weeks, causing billions of dollars in damage and taking the lives of many people.

· Less than four years later an earthquake registering 9.2 on the Rictor Scale would cause a Tsunami Tidal Wave to kill well over a ¼ million people. Many projections now coming in put that figure closer to a ½ million will die and 1 million are now left homeless. Thousands of orphan children have been left with nowhere to go.

My question is, WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?

I do not intend to preach a doomsday message and frighten us with all of the bad news we read and hear about, but (as Christians) WHAT SHOULD WE BE DOING?

Our only answer can be found in God’s Holy Word.

Text: Mark 13:31 thru 33



In times like these, many people enjoy keeping up with news events out of Washington. The sports play offs, ongoing scientific research, financial news, etc…

If you are like me, you may want to know –

· What is going on around the world?

· What’s the latest out of Washington, Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, Korea, or Indonesia?

I once had a business friend who made sure he kept up with every little detail, everyday. A real “News Junkie”.

Now I know that there are some who will purposely ignore most of the daily news. It’s boring or depressing.

Regardless of how you feel, each of us is affected (in one way or another) by the world events.

Now in a moment I want to talk about the Good News, but first I want you to hear the really Bad News.

Those who are without Christ as their personal Savior are faced with a cataclysmic event far worse than a “dirty bomb”, 911, a hurricane, or an earthquake.

The Bible says that theirs will be an eternity in a “Lake of Fire”, somewhere in “outer-darkness”.

This is much worse that cataclysmic. This is frightening. These are certainly days of uncertainty. My friend if you want to know what is going on in the world, you won’t need to read the New York Times or the Paducah Sun.

You only need to read the Bible!

My Bible tells me –

· The fate of this world is very certain…as far as God is concerned.

· The fate of the born again believer is very certain…as far as Jesus is concerned.

· The fate of the Christian has been sealed in Heaven…God has guaranteed it.

· That if you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you are certain to enjoy an eternal life in the glory of the One and Only Son of the Living God.

The days may be uncertain, but I am certain and assured that Christ has saved me from my sins.

That much I know. That much is all I need to know.

The fate of this world is certain. Jesus said this world will “pass away, but His words will never pass away.”

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