Summary: This sermon talks about marriage.

Today we will be talking about marriage. Marriage itself is something serious and should not be taken lightly. When you marry someone you should be marrying them for the right reason. The reason being is because marriage is meant to be a lifetime commitment, not something that just last for a few years.

When it comes to marrying someone you should make sure that you know the person real well. Make sure you know the persons likes and dislikes. Along with this make sure you get to know their family members as well. You see because you need to know the other people that will be invovled in you and your mates life.

The next thing you need to do is pray to God about the person that you are wanting to marry. You have to make sure that you have God's approval for any marriage. When we have God's approval on a marriage then we know that the marriage will work. Without God's approval your marriage will only fail.

One must understand that when you are married that you will not always have great days. You and your mate will fight from time to time. This does not mean that you and your mate need to get a divorce. Instaead you and your mate need to work out the issue that you all have, and remember to invovle God into the conversation and decision makings.

Do not marry someone that is not a believer. When trying to find the right person to marry make sure that they believe in God. The reason being is because you do not want to have division in your marriage, or in your household. Make sure that you two believers pray to God together daily to lead your marriage, and to keep Satan out of your marriage.

Let us remember that God has been in the marriage business for a very long time. God has been putting marriages together ever since the book of Genesis. God has been perfecting marriages since the beginning of time. Finally, God has been healing marriages since humankind as been upon the land. So why don't you give God a chance to find your mate, perfect your marriage, and heal your marriage? And all of God's children said three times AMEN!

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