Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Are we walking with Jesus Taking the steps He takes

In Pursuit: The Jesus Walk: Sermon#2 Watching the steps We take.

Read Matt 16:23-25.


Last week we began the series “In Pursuit: The Jesus Walk” By introducing ourselves to these 3 questions.

A. Who Are We?

B. Who Are We Following?

C. Who Are We To Follow?

From these questions we hopefully have gained the understanding that we are to be followers of Jesus Christ the Son of God! To say we are a follower says we are actively pursuing Jesus-were seeking to take the Steps He took! The first step in following Jesus as we discovered last week is to recognize that we need to follow who we say we are following! Theres a big differnce between saying you are following Christ And actually following Him.

Pursuing Jesus and seeking to walk the Jesus walk brings us to our 2nd message “Watching the Steps we take”. Its one thing to follow Christ and it is another thing to be stepping where He steps.

In preparing this message and looking at the recently fallen snow I began thinking back a couple of years ago when we were living in the North. I had to get into the shed in the back of the house. But each step I took I ended up in snow up past my knees, and each step I took it was hard to walk. And I kept falling over. Finally I was able to grab a shovel and was able to make a path. And then the walking became much easier. The reason why this picture came to my mind as I was preparing this message is because a follower of Christ is careful to be in the way with Christ not in the way of Christ. A follower of Christ is careful to watch the steps Christ takes and endeavours to walk in those places . A follower of Christ is careful to stay on the path Christ makes. A follower of Christ is careful not to get ahead of Jesus and get in the way of what Jesus is trying to do, but instead find the place where Christ has prepared for us to serve. To be a follower of Christ means that Christ is the centre of our lives as well as all our experiences in life.

Our Solar system Shows us what it is to follow Christ.

Primarly our solar system consists of the sun and 9 other planets with the sun being at the centre. The sun holds the solare system together by a force causing the planets to revolve around it. The sun dominates the gravitational field as it makes up 99% of the solar systems mass.

Joseph Stowell says: There is always something at the centre that defines and directs everything else that moves around it As the sun is to ur solar system, so the SON should be to our existence.

What is the centre of your life to which everything else revolves around? Jesus ,Career, Family, money, goals, friends, self? Is Christ the gravitational pull in your life? Is He pulling you closer to Himself?

Questions often probe our minds and hearts more so than the theological answers we often give to explain away the questions. So lets ask ourselves this morning,” Are we in the way with Christ or in the way of Christ?

1. Are You In the Way With Christ?(Stepping Where He steps. Luke 5:27-28.

Jesdus said to Levi (Mathew) Follow Me The Bible says that Levi,left all and followed Him. Matt Abandoned(To Forsake) his business to follow Jesus which means he left everything to be in the same way -to embrace personally all that Jesus is about. Today mentoring is about as close as we come to understanding what it is to be in the way with Christ. A mentor is a trusted friend or counsellor, who helps to guide and direct your life by giving practicle teaching and wise counsel. For the most part mentoring is a lost art and we suffer because of it. In the setting in New Testament times it was not un common for a man to attach himself to a Rabbi (teacher). The attachemnent was radical in nature because the one who wanted to follow literally gave up everything . The purpose for such an attachment was four fold.

1. To Know God And His Ways.

2. Too understand God and His Rightousness as revealed through the Law.

3. To replicate the ways of God in his own life.

4. To please God.

When one followed a Rabbi he was committing himself to do certain things.

A. He would stay with the rabbi all day long so as to watch him and learn from him.

B. He would serve the Rabbi in that he was willing to do whatever the Rabbi Asked of Him.

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