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Reading: John chapter 2 verses 1-11.

We read in John chapter 20 verses 30-31;

30”Jesus' disciples saw him do many other miraculous signs besides the ones recorded in this book.

31But these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing in him you will have life”.

When John wrote his gospel:

• He deliberately picked out 7 miracles, 7 signs that Jesus performed.

• The ‘signs’ were real miracles which helped real people.

• But they were also far more than just ‘signs’.

• I think the word ‘signposts’ is better.

• These 7 miracles, signposts are intended us to see beyond the miracle;

• And to look at the one who was performing them.

• So John recorded these ‘signs’ as evidence;

• He wants to show to us who Jesus was and is; more than just a man – the Son of God!

• The first sign, the first miracle that Jesus performed;

• Is recorded here in John chapter 2 and involves a wedding.


• Mark Twain was known for his wit.

• A Mormon acquaintance once pushed him into an argument on the issue of polygamy.

• After long and tedious expositions trying to justifying the practice,

• The Mormon demanded that Mark Twain show him any verse expressly forbidding polygamy.

• “Nothing easier,” Twain replied ;

• And immediately quoted Matthew chapter 6 verse 24: “No man can serve two masters.”


There were two lines of husbands in heaven:

• One for the dominant husbands and one for the passive, submissive husbands.

• The submissive husband line extended almost out of sight.

• And there was only one man in the dominant husband line.

• He was small, timid, and appeared anything but a dominant husband.

• When the angel inquired as to why he was in this line,

• He said, “My wife told me to stand here!”


My wife and I have found a successful recipe for keeping our marriage fresh, & healthy:

• Once a week we go out for a nice romantic candlelit meal.

• ……..She goes on Tuesdays and I go on a Thursday!

Marriage and of course weddings are supposed to be fun:

• Weddings are times of celebration.

• Weddings are times when we rejoice and express joy.

• Weddings are a time when we enjoy the company of those we love;

• And we rejoice at the new bond of unity and commitment between two people.

(1). Wedding Is Celebrated (VERSE 1A).

“On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee”.

• In our society weddings are still big events,

• Despite the fact that the simplest of civil marriages costs less than £50,

• According to Wedding Guide UK.

• The average cost of getting married in the UK is around £11,000;

• With the vast majority of weddings falling between £5,000 and £15,000.

• That’s a lot of money!

But wedding days have always been expensive days:

• In Bible times and still today in the Jewish culture;

• Weddings were, and are, a big deal:

• There is a certain protocol that was to be followed.

• And both the poor and rich were bound by tradition and culture to abide by it.


• If the bride were a virgin, then the wedding took place on Wednesday.

• If the bride was a widow, the wedding took place on a Thursday.


• The father of the bride would take his daughter on his arm,

• And with the wedding party in tow,

• They would parade through the streets of the village;

• So that everyone could come out and congratulate the bride.

• Finally the wedding party would arrive at the home of the groom.

• And the wedding actually took place in the front door of the grooms house.

• It was no short ceremony……. in fact the festivities lasted for days.

• It was a time of great celebration.


• The bride and groom walked through the streets accompanied by flaming torches.

• Their attendants walked with them keeping a canopy over their heads.

• The wedding party always took the longest route through the village;

• So that as many people as possible could wish them well.


• There was no such thing as a honeymoon!

• No, the couple kept open house for a week.

• They were treated like royalty.

• They dressed in fancy clothes and many times actually wore crowns on their heads.

• Whatever desire they spoke for…they received.

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