Summary: Teaching our youth and children, ways in which to successfully deal with peer pressure.

Peer pressure

Part 5

Ways to successfully deal with peer pressure

1. Choose friends wisely by surrounding yourselves with friends whose values are similar

a. Studies have shown that when friends stand with you, it is much easier to withstand peer pressure

Read Eccl. 4:9-12

b. Avoid those who pressure you to do or think wrong

On the playground, don’t go over to their little huddle, steer clear of them

c. At school, if you try to avoid them & your teachers still want you to be around them, talk to your mom & dad

2. Resolve ahead of time that you will not do evil.

a. Do good in areas when you are by yourself & it will be easier to stand against wrong voices

Tell the truth now, you will not want to run with wrong peers and have to lie to your dad about what you did.

b. Don’t fall for their lies

Everyone is not doing it

For you not to do it will not make you a sissy, etc.

3. The way you act will help or hinder you.

a. If you look around nervously, act embarrassed, etc., your friends will pressure you harder.

b. Speak confidently and make eye contact, thereby communicating a firm no.

4. Seek parental advise

a. Choose friends that your parents would approve of

We are not old fogies that don’t know anything. We are a moral and spiritual compass on the seas of life.

How many young people are wringing their hands, just wishing they had followed their parents advise

b. Parents are an aid to peer pressure

1. Parents say no to aid you, not cramp your style

They all too often, have been there done that – to their shame

2. Parents look way out ahead & see pitfalls you might not see

a. TRAP, SNARE; specifically : a pit flimsily covered or camouflaged and used to capture and hold animals or men

2 : a hidden or not easily recognized danger or difficulty

b. You are thinking of enjoying the moment, your parents are looking to see the dangers you might not see connected with the moment

NOTE… to Parents on how to help lessen wrong peer pressure

1. Keep children around their own age group.

Allowing the younger youth to hang out with older youth, has potential for problems.

3. Have family around other families that are similar in convictions

Some families have very little convictions or restrictions on their children once the reach 15 or 16 yrs. Of age.

4. Teach children at a young age, what others allow, has no bearing on the direction this family will pursue

5. Develop a close relationship with your children when young.

You be THEIR best friend.

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