Summary: God has placed His finger on all of our lives.

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We Are the Chosen

Ephesians 1:1-14

“When I was a boy, my father, a baker, introduced me to the wonders of song,” tenor Luciano Pavarotti relates. “He urged me to work very hard to develop my voice. Arrigo Pola, a professional tenor in my hometown of Modena, Italy, took me as a pupil. I also enrolled in a teachers college. On graduating, I asked my father, “Shall I be a teacher or singer?”

“’Luciano,’ my father replied,’ if you try to sit on two chairs, you will fall between them. For life, you must choose one chair.’

“I chose one. It took seven years of study and frustration before I made my first professional appearance. It took another seven years to reach the Metropolitan Opera. And now I think whether it’s laying bricks, writing a book --whatever we choose-- we should give ourselves to it. Commitment, that’s the key. Choose one chair.”

Every day we are faced with choices. We have do decide what to wear. We choose between Coke and Pepsi. Choices are everywhere.

When I was in Elementary school, we always played kick ball at every recess. Before we began playing, two captains were chosen. From the group that gathered, each captain chose what person would fit best on their team. The first ones picked were the “best” players. The worst ones, or the ones with the least amount of friends, were chosen last.

The key factors in choosing for kick ball had been determined by previous games. Some people kicked further than others did. Some could catch better. Others were faster runners. People were chosen by their strengths and weaknesses. We played to win.

The same can be said about God. He has chosen each and every one of us here this morning. We are told in John 3:16 that because of His love for a lost world, each one of u shave been chosen to inherit eternal life. But just because He picks us doesn’t mean we’re automatically in. We still have a choice to make.

Eric Lindros, currently playing for the Dallas Stars in the NHL, was selected first overall by the, then, Quebec Nordiques in the 1991 NHL entry draft. Lindros did not want to play for the Nordiques, later known as the Colorado Avalanche, and was traded to the Philadelphia Flyers. He was chosen by the Nordiques, but played for the Flyers.

What does it mean to be chosen by God? What were we chosen for? What is He looking for from us?

There are four separate things that He has chosen us for!

1. Chosen to be Holy (Ephesians 1:4)

“…to be holy and blameless in his sight…”

What does it mean to be “holy and blameless?”

As Christians, we are called to be separate from this world. We should not live a life like the world lives. We live according to God’s Word. We live a life that is blameless in others sights, and most importantly in His sight.

In a sense, we are the clay in the Master Potter’s hand. In order to be the men and women He wants us to be, we, like the clay, surrender ourselves to the craftsmanship of the Master’s hands. We are nothing but the material He uses. It is He who makes us into who He wants us to be.

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