Summary: The Church - who we are and what we are.

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We Are The Church

Psychologists have long declared that as human beings, we have 3 specific psychological needs:


TO BE: Our individuality, what sets us apart for others, uniqueness

TO DO: Our abilities, what we are good at, our job, our hobbies, etc.

TO BELONG: To be a part of something larger than ourselves, group

People satisfy these 3 needs in various forms.

Friday evening I sat amongst 1.000’s of proud parents, family & friends of graduating seniors of Vero Beach High School.

Amidst bouncing beach balls, flailing arms, flying hats, flashing light bulbs, shrieking air horns & streaming tears stood 500+ Seniors adorned in familiar Red and White.

Dr. Dearing said that this class’s average SAT scores were 25 points higher than t/national average & 44 points higher than t/state aver.

For 4 years these students in part have met their psychological need thru their identification as a Fighting Indian & student at VBHS.

They have accomplished much individually and collectively.

I lost count of a well-known phrase that was shouted throughout t/night.


Now they will venture forth, for the most part, unknown; seeking to re-establish an identity that they have given up as High School ended

Everyone has these needs & fulfills them in differing ways.

Nation - take pride to be a US citizen, living in the land of opportunity & being part of the greatest nation on earth.

T/Preamble of t/Declaration of Independence begins, “We the People”

Clubs - Elks, Koffee Klutch, Rotary, Eastern Star - again, they are part of something larger, purposes & activities, membership.

Family - father, mother, etc. (be) - all have responsibilities, (do) name status, recognition, (belong), Kennedy, Rockerfeller, Dupont, etc.

Fraternity - a strong enough desire to belong, to go through bizarre & even dangerous initiations or hazing to be included.

Gangs - even though destructive, provide emotional needs.

Everyone searching for satisfaction in life & many find it in these areas.

When you becoming a Christian; when you are added to the Church - all 3 psychological needs are satisfied.

TO BE: Child of the King of Kings

TO DO: Talent, to use to build up the body of Christ

TO BELONG: Part of the kingdom, priesthood, building, body

Why are you & I a part of God’s family? Why have we chosen Him?

We all know the eternal advantages of faithfulness to Christ, yet there are physical & psychological advantages too.

Living a moral life keeps you from dangerous, life-threatening activities as well as placing you in a wholesome environment.

But - Have we accepted Christ because of the advantages it gives us?

Is our faith self-motivated & self-based?

If it is, then when difficulty comes (& it will), we will abandon it freely, because we longer see the value or advantage of faithfulness.

NO - If we are part of God’s family, we are part of His Church.

And there is no institution that can compare to it. NOTHING!

What we Aren’t:

Members of a social club that solely provides camaraderie.

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