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(1). We Share the Same Confession (vs 1-3)

(2). We Serve the Same God (vs 4-6)

(3). We seek to build the Same Body (vs 7-13)

(4). We Share the Same Baptism (vs 14-20)

(5). We need each other (vs 21-25)

(6). We Affect Each Other (vs 26-31)



• A man from the big city decides to spend the weekend on a country shoot.

• Wearing all the gear but not have much idea;

• He stands in a field and shoots;

• And by ‘chance’ manages to shoot a pheasant.

• The only problem is the pheasant is in the next field to him;

• And he can’t get to it because of a fence.

• Within a few minutes an old country farmer pulls up in his Land Rover;

• And he asks the city gent what was going on.

• The would be hunter said, “I shot a pheasant and I’m retrieving it.”

• The old farmer replied, “This is my property and you’re not coming over here!”

• Well, this made the hunter mad so he said,

• “If you don’t let me come over the fence I’ll call my London lawyer and I’ll sue you.”

• The farmer smiled and said, “Apparently you don’t know how we do things up here.

• We settle disagreements with the three-kick rule.

• I’ll kick you three times, and then you kick me three times,

• And so on, back and forth, until someone gives up.”

• The city gent liked this challenge;

• Because he thought he could easily take the old farmer.

• And so the contest began:

• The country farmer climbs down from the tractor;

• Asks the man to bend over and gives him a swift kick up the backside.

• He then repeats this act again and again.

• This humiliated the city gent then looks the old farmer in the eye and says;

• “Okay, you old codger, now it’s my turn!”

• To which the farmer responded;

• “Nah, I give up. You can have the pheasant!”

• TRANSITION: Like that hunter;

• Too many Christians fight over things that are not worth fighting over!

• For as long as I can remember ‘The gifts of the Spirit’

• Have always caused Christians to fall out and disagree;

• And this entirely misses the point as to why they were given to us!


“God has given gifts to us, his people:

These gifts are not toys to selfishly play with, or weapons to fight with!

They are tools to unselfishly build with.”

• So please as we look at the gifts of the Spirit;

• Keep in mind our main aim is to build each other up in the faith;

• And not fall out over them.


• We have emphasised observe the previous studies about context;

• And once again we need to make sure we look at this chapter in its context.

• And not just pull out isolated verses to support a theological argument.

• Remember that division was a major problem in the Church at Corinth;

• The Church was spilt with members following different leaders of the Church;

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