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Summary: How to overcome knowing God is in control

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JOB 1:1, 8, 21, 22, 42:5

Could Job have said in all that he was going through, “It does not pay to be holy or walk honestly? God treats the wicked and the pure the same. We both suffer. So why labor to be honest?” Job 9:16-17 In case, you do not know the story. Job was a God fearing man. Then in a short matter of time, he lost everything dear to him: his family, his possessions, his health, his wife’s support and had three friends tell him he had committed terrible sins. Job 9:18 Job 9:23 His thoughts could have been much as we would think today if we had similar circumstances. “I loved God with all my heart. I was a praying man, just and honest. I was kind and compassionate, caring for the poor and clothing the naked. I was a dedicated, repentant believer. I raised my children in the fear of God. Now look at what has happened to me. My life is now nothing but sorrow, trouble and hardship. No body cares about me. No one is able to give me advice or comfort. I have no one to intercede for me to say, ‘God take this rod off his back. He is terrified and these disasters are overwhelming.’ If you are work in any of these things I do not see it. My life now seems like a joke and you my God are mocking me in this sorrow.”

Let me say that Job’s example is of great comfort to though who are going under fierce trials in this day or will face them. We need this man’s suffering example to draw hope within ourselves. As we look at our nation, we are entering a period of trouble beyond what we have ever seen before. Many wonderful devoted Christians are going through troubles they never believed would come to them. Some who have lost their jobs? Some have been laid off because of economic shutdown. Some are facing disease that there seems to be no cure. Marriages are crumbling. Families are under great pressure with heartaches that stretch endurance. Children and teens are being lead astray by false teachings and bad examples of well-known people. The wealth that we once seemed to have is vanishing because of price increases in fuel, food and necessities of life.

We cry out, “What are we going to do? Why are all these things happening to faithful servants of God? Why doesn’t God get involved and put a stop to it?”

"I need to focus on my purpose, not my problems." "You’ve got to get on with the future because that’s where you are going to spend the rest of your life. If you don’t, it’s like trying to drive a car looking in the rear-view mirror ... you’re going to crash." – Rick Warren

We need to be aware that things of our day are much like the time of Job. We cannot let our hope rest in remaining safe within some snug cushion of comfort. Christians are going to see trouble and I am glad that we have a Father who is watching what is going on and is able to deliver us through the troubles. Some preachers who have preached a message like this and have given a message: “Never has so any of my sheep been so deeply tested. Something has been unleashed in the land over these past few months. Many of the godly people I know have fallen under a flood of trouble, hardship, suffering and sorrow.” “There’s no such thing as a bad day when there’s a doorknob on the inside of the door.” Commander Paul Galanti, US Navy pilot, spent 6 ½ years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam

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