Summary: An exposition of Ps 85 pointing to the cost of revival in our hearts

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Psalm 85 ….

We Don’t Have Revival …

…Because We Don’t Want Revival

Intro: Lots of talk, lots of songs, lots of insincere praying about revival. Truth: Most of us would like to SEE revival, we would like to WITNESS a revival, we would like a revival to take place in our CHURCH …. But we, personally, individually, don’t really want to EXPERIENCE revival.

This Psalm explains, describes and invites revival. We learn that real revival is available, but – unfortunately – unlikely … See a 3 step progression described for us, if we would experience revival:



Hast brought back, hast forgiven, hast turned … A reminder of what God has already done – the starting place of repentance and revival (Rom 2:4 - …goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance)

V 1 – Favorable – “accepting”, God had embraced them as a loving, accepting father, in spite of their sin

V 2 – Forgiven – means “lifted it off of them and carried it away”

V 3 – Wrath/anger – God’s action in judging sin (wrath) God’s attitude in judging sin (anger)


Fleshiness – carnal passions and appetites

V 4 – Turn us back: a change direction – back from whence we came …

1>This is a great need in our lives and our churches – a return to what we used to be, where we used to stand, what we used to consider important

2>This is the reason we do not – and will not experience revival … we don’t WANT God to turn us around – we don’t want to get back to where we ought to be (our sin, our attitudes, our priorities, our standards, our giving, our forgiveness)

V 5 - A plea - God has been righteously angry with us – can that righteous anger be set aside? (Micah 7:18)

V 6 – Revive us: to be restored to life or health, to recover from sickness or discouragement, to cause to grow --- THIS IS REVIVAL

Thy people may rejoice: no longer facing God’s displeasure and anger, we may rejoice in His presence, know the JOY of our salvation (Ps 51:12)

V 7 - Revival starts with us – our humble spirit and heart before God – but it is all of God – ONLY by his mercy can he give us he Lord DELIVERANCE (“salvation”)from sin and self, rescue us from our faults and failures.


Oh the great and tremendous blessings that flow from real revival:

• V.8 – We hear from the Lord – words of Peace and Friendship But NOTE: There is a warning attached – “not turn again to their folly” …True revival is ongoing, not an emotional moment, not a spur of the moment trip to the altar… it is a change of direction (See Ps 80:18)

• V.9 – A right fellowship with God gives Glory to God, demonstrated in our lives

• V. 10 – GREAT VERSE: Here is the essence of what Christ has done for us and how > We can have fellowship with God, be drawn closer to Him – Mercy and truth – truth of sin and judgment meets the mercy of God at the cross/ righteousness and peace – God’s righteousness and demands of perfection are now resolved into peace with God – there is not more enmity(Eph 2:15)

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