Summary: The time comes in everyone's life, when a choice has to be made, you can stay where you are or move on, the choice is yours.

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First Church of God in Harvey

New Years's Sunday - January 3rd, 2010

Let us pray

Welcome...including those who went to the combined convention in Washington, DC....

This is the day, the first Sunday of the New Year 2010, which the Lord hath made, we

will rejoice and be glad in it. This is a year we have never seen before, but on this day we

can rejoice and be glad in it. Many of us have gone through our dangers, our toils and our

snares, but on this day we can rejoice and be glad in it. Many of us did not know we

would make it through 2009, but here we are on this day, the first Sunday of 2010, and so

we can rejoice and be glad in it. So magnify the Lord with me; glorify the Lord with me;

praise the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together..(take time to praise the Lord)

Happy New Year to everyone. The year 2010 is a year we have never seen before, and a

year that we know nothing about. This New Year is all in God's hands, and all we have to

do is place our hands in his hands, and ask the Lord to lead us. Even though we know

nothing about this year, I believe something wonderful is going to happen to us this year.

I am not predicting, I am just believing God that something good is going to happen to us.

I am believing God that lives will be changed. I am believing God that bodies will be

healed. I am believing God for that which to us is impossible will be made possible, for

with God all things are possible. ......can you believe God with me? .....elaborate....

For the past two years our theme was, "Say It In Love," and I do trust we all know how to

say it in love. This year our theme will be, "We have come this far by faith." This year

we are celebrating our thirty fifth year of existence, 1975 through 2010. I am going to ask

at least 35 persons to be a witness to at least 1 person this year, unsaved family member,

unsaved friend etc. Our motto this year will be, each one win one. With God's help we

would like to see at least 35 persons through our witness being added to the family of

God.........elaborate...will you partner with me to be a witness for our Lord?.......

Our Scripture reading will be taken from Joshua 3 verses 1 through 4. Let's all stand and

read together from the screen. Please tell someone, God will work it out.

My subject for today is, We have not passed this way before. Last Sunday we talked

about, Letting Go, and you might ask the question, how do I let go of the past? There

is nothing you can do about what happened yesterday, because it is all in the past, but you

can trust in the Lord that you have learned from the past as you face the days ahead. So if

there is nothing you can do about yesterday, why hold on to your yesterdays? Why not

just simple let go, and trust in the Lord?

As we look at our topic for today, it is said that, "In 1519 the Spanish explorer Hernando

Cortes led an expedition of 600 men to conquer southern Mexico. One by one he had his

eleven ships scuttled and sunk, till only one was left. When his men found out, they

loudly scolded Cortes. He asked his men what kind of man would need the ships, except

cowards. He said if any man was so cowardly, he could board the last ship and leave.

Cheers drowned the complaints, and he then suggested that they sink the last ship. By that

single action he committed himself and his force to either succeed or die trying, for they

had nothing to go back to." end of quote.

The year 2009 is behind us, there is nothing for us to go back to. We cannot undo a single

action or take back a single word. Before us lies a new year, the year 2010, let's strive to

do the very best for the Lord in this new year.

The great leader Moses had died, the days of mourning had passed, and Joshua is now in

charge. Joshua and the people of God has come to Jordan, and they have to make a

choice, they can cross over into the promise land, or settle down on this side of Jordan.

Let's look at verse 1 of our text (read) It is said that "Jordan is a place that is God

ordained, it is a place of impossibility, it is a place of weakness, helplessness, it is a place

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