Summary: Every believer has a ministry.

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We Have This Ministry

2 Corinthians 4:1-7

Reading: Matthew 5:13-16

Intro: 2 Corinthians 4:1-7

Whether or not you know it…you have a ministry.

-When you see the word ministry in the

Scripture, think servant

-We often think of having a ministry as

having some project or specific purpose.

-Youth ministry

-Jail ministry

Ministry simply means service…minister means


WE all have a ministry.

It is not a choice…you DO have this ministry,

It is the result of receiving God’s mercy.

It is because we are saved that we have this


In this ministry we must not fail…falter

-You cannot quit

-It is a ministry that is ongoing…

1. We have a ministry of openly demonstrating the

truth. Vs. 2

-You very life is a demonstration of God’s


-When God saved you…he changed you.

-If you are genuinely born again, you cannot hide


-God does not have secret agents.

-If Jesus is truly the Lord of your life and you

are living for Him in obedience…people will notice.

-The truth that your life proclaims is not hidden.

Vs 2

-By dishonesty (are you living a lie?)

-By walking in craftiness (deceit)

-By twisting the Scripture to mean something

it doesn’t.

-If you are honestly walking with God, your

life is an open demonstration of truth.

-Not just what you say.

-Not some kind of show…(hypocrites put on a

show)(two-faced one)

-People see the truth of God and the gospel in

the life that you live.

-Commending ourselves to every man’s


-Commending…standing in front of

-Every man’s judgment…or opinion of us.

-We are putting ourselves out there to be

criticized by everyone…either good or bad.

-In the sight of God

Our ministry is to openly demonstrate truth in front of God and everybody.

2. We have a ministry to preach Christ. Vs 5

“Everywhere you go, preach Christ, and if

necessary use words.” (St. Thomas Acquinas)


-To speak up as God gives us opportunities.

-It scares people to death to speak up and

witness for Christ.

-It scares me sometimes

-I think that is why Jesus said “I am

with you always, even unto the end of the

world.” (Matthew 28:20b)

-You don’t have to be a theologian.

-You don’t have to be a preacher…

-You don’t have to use fancy words.

2 Corin. 2:1-5

-Just tell what God did for you.


-You should think about your testimony.

-Not how bad I was…but how good God is.

-You should practice. (I did)

-It is necessary because Satan may blind the

eyes of lost people from the truth. Vs 3-4

-Satan does not what them to see the truth.

-Your demonstration of truth may be hid to

them that are lost.…you may have to speak up.

-like wives who get their hair done and

don’t say anything…the husband may not

notice…then he’s in trouble.

Our ministry is to preach Christ. (Mark 16:15)

3. We have a ministry of shining light in a dark

world. Vs 6

-You are a light shining in the darkness.

-Your light is your good works.

-Matthew 5:16

-God saved you to do good works.

Eph. 2:8-10

-You were created unto Good works.

-What are they…

-Good works are shown in obedience.

-Kindness, Going to Church, Doing Right,


-Are you shining for Jesus?

Our ministry is to shine in the darkness.

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