Summary: John reminds us of the things we know.


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• I have enjoyed our journey through the book of John. I hope this book both challenged and encouraged you in your walk with Jesus.

• I believe there are times when we can get overwhelmed by all the things we should and need to know concerning our faith.

• We can get so overwhelmed that we sometimes do not know where to begin.

• Many people struggle in their walk with Jesus because they do think they know enough to get started.

• As we finish our series in 1 John I want to give you some encouragement.

• You do not have to be a biblical scholar to be able to live for Jesus. You need to start somewhere.

• As you start to develop a relationship with Jesus; you will want to get to know Him.

• This is similar to when you meet a person that you think you like. You want to get to know them on a deeper level than just thinking they are hot.

• Our message today is entitled “We Know.”

• As John concludes this letter, he wants to remind of the readers of the things they know concerning their faith and the basis of their faith.

• Remember the backdrop of John’s letter was the Gnostics who were distorting the Gospel, they were causing some to leave their faith. It is amazing how little things have changed.

• I want you to see that you know enough to begin your journey with Jesus.

• You know more than you think. You know enough to start to develop the relationship with Jesus that deep down you desire.

• WE need biblical knowledge, so I do not want to appear to minimize the need for extensive study of the Word.

• Biblical illiteracy is a BIG problem in the church today. People do not know why they believe what they believe, but that problem spills over into other areas of life also.

• If you want to really start to grow in your relationship with Jesus, getting to know Him is one of the keys to seeing that happen. Bible Fellowship (Our Sunday School Program), our newly forming Life Groups are great places to start!

• Knowledge is important because when you feel like you do not know much about a subject you can feel overwhelmed to the point of not even wanting to try.

• Today I want you to see that you know more than you think. If you know the three things John shares with us today, you will well on your way to developing a great rewarding relationship with Jesus!

• Let’s start with verse 18

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1 John 5:18 (HCSB) We know that everyone who has been born of God does not sin, but the One who is born of God keeps him, and the evil one does not touch him.

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We know…

I. Christians are called not to practice sin.

• John reminds us that we KNOW that the practice of sin is not what a Christian is called to.

• The phrase WE KNOW is used to begin verses 18,19, and 20. This phrase is the link that holds these verses together.

• The word KNOW in all three verses is the same and it denotes to gain understanding through reflection and thinking.

• Verse 18 is a pretty simple principle; however, it can be a difficult carry out with all the temptations surrounding us.

• When you are a part of God’s family, you need to understand that practicing sin is not what being in God’s family is about.

• A Christian is NOT someone who NEVER sins, but rather one who resists the temptation to sin because continuing to sin is contrary to what is expected of a child of God.

• I have stated on numerous occasions that as long as we live on this earth we will struggle with sin. Each of us have battles we fight, whether they are sins that can be seen such as immorality or the inward sins of jealousy and pride.

• We must be careful of just excusing our sin because we are “only human.”

• This leads to a victim mentality to where we just are powerless to stop the onslaught of sinning.

• Healthy families have expectations of one another.

• My daughters always knew that certain things were not acceptable for a person who is in our family.

• If you understand that Christians are not to practice sin, you will find yourself being more aware of the sin around you and you will have a deeper desire to fight it off.

• It is too easy to excuse our sin.

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