Summary: Jesus cares about all of our life

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We know that Jesus has thoughtful care for us. John 2:2-12

The Bible is very good at dates for we read here that three days after Nathaniel was brought to Jesus they went to a wedding. We are not told why Jesus was invited to this wedding. This I know He will go where He is needed and that is good for us because we can depend on him in all of our life. I have read this wedding might have been John’s. We know that Jesus was there with the 4 disciples from His encounter with them in chapter one. The need was more wine for it had been exhausted. Jesus always has more for us even when we feel drained. What He has is much better than any thing man can give to us.

1. Jesus cares about our celebrations. This event seems to have taken place in a home and Jesus knows that the home is a sacred place and we need Him there. I have not always done this but we have started to have family devotions on regular basis in just the last few years. I do not know why I neglected it? We did have them when our children were young. Every morning for breakfast we read a devotion book and prayed together. We had a missionary book with pictures and we went through that book more than once. When I children went to college they met many of those missionary children they had prayed for. As head of the house my wife had to remind me that it was my duty for us to have devotions together. I am glad that we pray together every day.

A. This story that we read about Jesus going to a wedding shows us that He approves of marriage and that His blessings begin in the home. We find refuge in the home because we are safe with people we know. There is no other place that is like that. I know that many go to social places after work to meet with friends but there is no place like home where love is. Jesus blessed the home from the very beginning when He created Adam and Eve. The Bible says they became as one and enjoyed one another’s presence.

1. The care of Jesus is Personal, He cares for you.

B. Jesus came to bring happiness to this couple being married. Those who seek a wearisome, strict, demanding, and sad life will not find it in Jesus. Jesus loved life and lived it to the full. John Wesley said that we should enjoy life and to be as serious as possible.

Although you may be going through a difficult time you need to remember that the end has not yet come, and that our Heavenly Father may have all manner of wonderful things in store just around the bend in the road. USA TODAY once reported a story which demonstrates this fact very well. Milwaukee Hamilton High School had a 22-15 lead against Milwaukee Marshall with just a few seconds left in a football game one Friday night in September of 1983. It appeared to be a sure victory. With only four seconds remaining, Hamilton, which was on its 40-yard line, snapped the ball to Jose Alba. Alba ran back toward his end zone to run out the clock, then tossed the ball into the air as time expired, thinking the game was over, and the victory belonged to him and his teammates. But, remember-in football, the play is not finished until the ball is downed while in the possession of a player. So when the ball came down, one of Marshall’s players, Floyd Heard picked it up on the five and ran it in for a touchdown. Then with time expired, Marshall attempted the two-point conversion-and made it. They won the game 23-22. There are many times in our lives when we’re on the losing side of the scoreboard, and time is running out. If Floyd Heard had believed what the circumstances told him, he would have walked to the sideline, accepting defeat. Yet that is what we do so many times in our lives. No the game or life is over until it’s over. Be encouraged! Don’t give up! Stay the course! "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Gal 6:9

2. Jesus care about our service plans.

A. We see here our responsibility is to Him. I ask what your responsibility is. No one else can be the husband or wife to your mate that you can be. No one else can be the parent to your children like you can be. For you who not married no one can what your role is to your family like you can be. No one else can be committed to Christ for you. No one else can take the place of the role you play in this church like you can. No one else can have a daily time with God alone for you. We must not give into the thought today that someone else can do a better job or it is not my fault for the way I am.

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