Summary: 1- We love because of Him - motivation 2- We love because of His love - demonstration 3- We love because of His first love - inauguration

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INTRO.- Because, because, because. There is always a “because” about things in life. We do this or that because of something else.

ILL.- A bumper sticker read: I owe, I owe, so it’s off to work I go! So very true.

What’s your because? Why do you do what you do? Why do you work? Why did you get married? etc.

ILL.- My older brother Larry is 68 years old and he’ll be 69 in July. He’s still working around 65 hours a week, managing that large Price Chopper grocery store in Lenexa, KS. Why does he still work since he’s made a whole lot more money that I have? So why does he still work? Number one reason is probably because he likes his work. And he was taught to work. And he does make good money and he is probably thinking he’ll need every dime of it in the future.

Now if his retirement was good and maybe nearly as good as what he makes at work he just might quit work and start playing golf every day. But I’m sure his retirement will not be that good and that’s the very reason most of us keep on work as long as we can! Retirement doesn’t always pay very well!

Why did you get married? That’s the way God made you. God made most of us to need a mate of the opposite sex and so when we become attracted to the opposite sex we often get married. And, of course, hopefully we love that person or as the world say, “We fall in love with that person.” And that’s why we get married.

ILL.- In 1969 while preaching in the small town of Bayard, IA, I had a board member ask me, “Why do you drive a car like that?”

I was driving a 1968 Pontiac Firebird with 400 engine, 4 speed. I think I said, “Well, I like the car.” He was a man in his 70‘s and since he was a board member I really didn’t want to tell that I liked to drag race and that’s why I bought the car!

I think a year later I traded on a more sane and safer car. I think it was a 1970 Chevy Nova, 3 speed and small V8 engine. And why do I drive a Grand Prix with a supercharged engine?

Why do you do what you do? And why did you believe what you believe? And why do you love people like you do?

PROP.- In our text, John addresses the question: why do you love others? And then answers the question for us.

1- We love because of Him - motivation

2- We love because of His love - demonstration

3- We love because of His first love - inauguration


19We love because he first loved us.

Motivation. God is our greatest motivation or motivator in the world.

ILL.- Columbus’ Goal: God Not Gold: August J. Kling, a specialist on Columbus, said: “Columbus’ use of the Bible is one of the best documented facts of his remarkable career, but it is one of the least known to the general public. Columbus was a careful student of the Scriptures. He spoke Latin fluently and knew enough Greek and Hebrew to exegete biblical words. All of Columbus’ sailing journals give evidence of his biblical knowledge and his devout love for Jesus Christ.”

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