Summary: This sermon will look at the text found in John chapter 3 verse number 16

Today I want to look at the bible verse found in the book of John the 3rd chapter and the 16th verse. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him would not perish but have everlasting life.

I. What if I was to tell you that there is a strong connection between these two words:

1)Freedom- the act of not being bond to anyone or thing for a period of time.

2) Kingdom- A place where there is no pain, but instead there is joy and happiness

For the purpose of this message the first word freedom will represent the act of salvery, while the word kingdom will stand for heaven.

II. If you have ever heard the "I have a dream" speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. you would find out that he mentions freedom during his message. He says, "Free at last, Free at last, thank God almighty were free at last." Of course the speech given by Dr. King was one focusing on the ending of segregation of races, and the coming together as one.

In the word of God, you will never see or read about the kingdom of heaven being split by different races. Why is this you ask, because God created all humans and all races. So the kingdom of heaven is for all races not just one. Although I must admit you will see freedom all over the kingdom of heaven.

III. Our freedom was taken away when Eve was in the garden of Eden and she fell to the temptation of the devil. Eve sinned against God by eatting the fruit from the tree in the middle of Garden, which God instructed her not to do. The minute this act took place the freedom of all humankind was taken away.

However, God wanted his children to have their freedom back, so he sent his son Jesus to get our freedom back. Just like in salvery days when people would buy humans to become workers for them for a period of time, God is buying his children back for a price.

The price that God had to pay was more than anybody no this earth could ever pay. He (God) sent his son Jesus who was perfect and without sin to the world, to die for the sins of every human being. With Jesus dying for our sins we received our freedom back, or we received our freedom papers if you will.

IV. You see ladies and gentlemen in order for us to receive our freedom we must first believe the word of God to be true, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. We must have freedom in order to enter into the kingdom, you cannot have one without the other. Just like you cannot love God, but not believe in Jesus or the Holy spirit. God the father, Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit all work together as one, and you cannot have one without having the other.

V. You may be asking how do I know if I have freedom or not? Well I am glad you asked, you see if you do not have freedom then that means that you are a slave to the devil.

How to tell if you are a slave to the devil.

1) If you worry about what the next day holds for you, then you are a slave to the devil.

2) If you are worrying about what you will eat in the morning, then you are a slave to the devil.

3) If you are afraid to go to sleep at night, because you do not know if you will wake up in the morning, then you are a slave to the devil.

The bible tells us that we should trust in the Lord. It also tells us that we do not have to worry about what we will eat, drink or wear when we are a child of God. If he will take care of the animals of the world, then surely he will take care of the humans that he has created to worship him.

VI. If you are tired of worrying about the next day, or tired of not getting any sleep at night, call on the name of the Lord right now. Call on Jesus right now to set you free, no matter how far away from God you think you are, you can call on him right now. Once you call on him he will come and resuce you, no charge to you, because Jesus paid it all when he came to the earth to save the earth from sin when he died on the cross.

No one has to be a slave to the devil, you can be saved and set free today all you have to do is call on the name of Jesus. Remember with the devil you get nothing, but with Jesus you get everything. Freedom is the key to the kingdom, you can't have one without other and you can only serve one master. Who will you serve this day Satan or God?

And all God' children said Amen!

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