Summary: A Sermon for the beggining of the year but can be use any time about the importance of hear Gods voice in all ares of our lives

We must hear the voice of God

Victory AM 1/3/2004

John 10:1-5

At this time of the year you may be expecting the usual sermon about the vision of the church or the future and what lays a head. You may have been looking forward to revisiting purpose statements or even looking at mission statements even though all these things vision and where the church is heading what are purpose is and what our mission statement is are all good ideas in fact the bible warns us that a people with out a vision will perish die will no longer exist so these are vital to a growing and healthy church the one thing that all of these statements should be founded on and crafted after is the fact that the people of God have heard from God you see it is imperative that we all hear the voice of God in our lives weather it be a still small voice just like Elijah heard in the wilderness when it seemed trouble was all around and he felt that he had none to stand with him or it may be through the scriptures just as Daniel did when he read of the deliverance of the lord for the people of Israel and prayed and fasted before God to perform his word or whether it could be through the holy spirit moving on you as you have a word and an interpretation it could be through a dream or a vision how ever the lord chooses to speak to you the one thing that needs to happen is you need to be listening.

John 10: 1-5.

Do you have a daily time where you remove all the distractions and you listen to the Lord Jesus?

The ability to listen to the voice of God needs to be strengthened in our lives as we go in to 2004 as a church and as individuals there are with out a doubt going to be circumstances and situations that come up that will require that you have heard and understood the directive of the Lord all mighty in your situations The writer of Hebrews 3:7-8 Holy Spirit says: “Today, if you will hear His voice, Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion

Tells us that the lord wants to speak to us today but we need to hear his voice and not harden our hearts God wants to talk to you and I daily about every aspect of our lives to give us direction protection and correction concerning your business your family making a phone call and fulfilling someone need.

But what keeps us from listening from God what keeps us from hearing his voice hardness of heart that comes about by selfishness pride and thinking we know it all we get distracted by the stranger’s voice because we haven’t tuned ourselves in to the Shepard’s voice we can get in to confusion over what we should do as the world tells us to do this and that and people tell us to do this and that that all the while the still small voice comes along and we miss it.

when hardness of heart comes along we don’t obey it quickly as we should God is speaking are we listening if we have not done what he has told you to do the first time why should he tell you to do anything different remember Jonah had to repent and still do the job he had told him to do.

why does this matter well recently heard a sermon by pastor Billy Joe Daugherty in it he gave and interesting story about some young men who were going to board a value jet in Miami his bags where already on the plane he is about to hand his ticket to the girl at the gate to go down the jet way and the holy spirit said don’t get on that plane they stepped back they had to delay to retrieve there bags while they were there two other people came and took there places these guys went over got on a different plane they were delayed getting where they were going but nine minutes after take off that value jet went like a dart in to the everglades.

Didn’t God love all those other people friends you have got to be listening to Gods voice God loves every body he is broadcasting to every one hearing must be strengthened I have felt this whole week that God had a word for us to day that this needs to be a year of prayer and the word and focusing on him and tuning our antennas in to his signal in the middle of your busy activities and schedules can Jesus get your attention so you will stop and listen to what he has to say or do you put him of to a later time?

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