Summary: Revival sermon preached in September 2008. Sermon is inspired by Havner’s sermon on 1 Kings 18

We Need a Drenched Altar

1 Kings 18:30-39

Revival – Union Grove 9/14/08

We live in a generation where God is not the top priority in many of our homes, jobs, or even in our churches. We live in a generation where one presidential candidate is pro-choice and the other is pro-life. We live in a generation that tries to imitate the power of God in “religious” services, but in reality leaves God out of their actions.

We are consumed with self – what we want, forget what God wants.

In order for Real, Authentic Revival to come our way this week, we’ve got to ALL get out of God’s way and allow Him to work wonders in this church, this community, and in the lives of each person who comes in the doors of this church, not just this week, but from here on out.

Bottom line: in my own life – I am seeking a “real-fire” experience from God, not just a “wild-fire” here today, gone tomorrow meeting. In the life of this church – I pray for a Heaven-sent. Holy-Ghost filled revival with Christians repenting, Sinners saved, and a church renewed with an outlook of “Preparing for Holy Heaven-Sent Rain.” The question, can these things happen in today’s culture, in today’s church – the answer is YES – however, we must be right with God.

We look at Elijah. Elijah came along at a time when the land needed a confrontational leader. King Ahab and his crafty wife Jezebel brought in the worship of Baal and led their nation in this direction. Anyone who worshipped Jehovah God was put to extreme trial, if not death. The climate of the community had literally gone to the dogs, in this case, the idols. In 1 Kings 18, we see a “Showdown” that is taking place on Mount Carmel between Elijah and the priests of Baal. Elijah challenges these priests to a dual between their god and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Thus, we have a confrontation between Good and Evil. The showdown is this – you choose God or you choose Baal. (Good vs. Evil)

Point out background in 1 Kings 18

Now, let’s get to the text for the evening: Verses 30-39


Here is a thought for the night – “When is the last time we confronted evil together as the body of Christ?”

I. Revival/Renewal was desired after a decline

Declines happen from time to time in our churches due to various things:

- Death

- Hurt Feelings

- Bad Decisions/Unpopular decisions

- Community Changes

- Turning away from God

Elijah had no choice but to confront the King, his wife, and the priests. Many had been led away onto their side, something had to be done. There was a faithful remnant left to join in with Elijah, but it was a few, not many. Faithful Jehovah worshippers had dwindled, it was time for an eye opening renewal for all to experience.

What does Elijah do?

1. Invites all of the people to come near, so they can watch and see

2. He repairs the altar of the Lord that was broken down

3. He took 12 stones, symbolizing the tribes of Israel and rebuilt the altar

4. He made a trench, deep enough to hold 2 measures of seed

5. He put the wood in place, cut the bullock in pieces and gave orders

6. Fill 4 barrels of water and pour it on the burnt sacrifice, do it again, do it

Again (12 barrels of water)

7. Elijah prays the fire down

8. God shows up

The people had been brainwashed to the teachings of the Baallistic philosophy, a neo-universalism, if you will – “anything and everything goes.” Let’s face it, that’s an easy teaching to follow. So, Elijah had to make everything seem “impossible” for folks to believe.

- Burnt Sacrifice on a Drenched Altar?

- Only God can do something like that!

Elijah did everything so that God could get the glory!

What’s the ultimate purpose of the church? To bring glory and honor to God

For revival/renewal to take place – God does not want the flesh to get the glory, He wants the glory.

Romans 8:8 – So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.

II. Real Revival/Renewal comes when we are desperate for God to work.

Think of these classic examples of God working in Scripture:

Joshua 6: 1-26 – Priests marching around the walls of Jericho, expecting the walls to flatten. What happened? Who won?

Judges 7: 1-22 – Gideon, with his 32,000 decimated to 300 with lamps and pitchers. Who won? Who gets the glory?

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The church today – are we desperate for the Word of God?

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