Summary: Josiah turned back to God

2Ch 34:31 And the king stood in his place, and made a covenant before the LORD, to walk after the LORD, and to keep his commandments, and his testimonies, and his statutes, with all his heart, and with all his soul, to perform the words of the covenant which are written in this book.

2Ch 34:32 And he caused all that were present in Jerusalem and Benjamin to stand to it. And the inhabitants of Jerusalem did according to the covenant of God, the God of their fathers.

2Ch 34:33 And Josiah took away all the abominations out of all the countries that pertained to the children of Israel, and made all that were present in Israel to serve, even to serve the LORD their God. And all his days they departed not from following the LORD, the God of their fathers.

At the Gold City Gem Mine in Franklin, North Carolina customers pay a small fee for a "bucket of dirt" out of the mine, the dirt contains rocks, usually worthless, the joy of treasure hunting and occaisionally a real gemstone out of the mine. In July of 1995, a third-grader name Griffin McCurry, paid for just such a bucket of dirt. As you might expect it didn’t look as if there was any hidden treasure, but there was a rock in it that the boy kept just because he liked the shape. People magazine reported that it was a saleswoman from the Jewelry store at the mine who noticed the rock and gave it a closer inspection. As it turned out the 1104 carat saphire had a value of approximately $45,000.

Everybody likes a good treasure story, and the story of the discovery of the Law in the Temple during Josiah’s rennovation is about as good as they come, because God’s word is a treasure that is priceless.

At 20 years old Josiah’s actions brought about had the greatest revival up to that time. For 6 years he turned he turned his world upside down. Jeremiah started preaching at 14 during josiah’s revival.

Josiahs father was evil his grandfather Manasseh seduced the nation of Israel to do evil. God became so angry that god allowed the assyrians to take them into captivity.

Isaish the prophet was sawed in half because ofhis preaching against the sins of Manasseh.

God was so angry with this people he said he would wipe them away as a man wipes off a dish. But here comes along Josiah desiring a move of god.

This nation came back from the greatest decline and sin to thegreatest revival

God is not through with your situation god id not though with this church you are not too far away that god cannot make you into a great man or woman of god.

It was many years since anybody was concerned with God so one of the things Josiah wanted to do was clean up the temple.

So as they were cleaning up they find a book. As they dust it off they find that it is the word of the lord.

This book has not been mentioned for 320 years and has not been read for even longer.

Josiah is not just working with a bad family situation and he is just not working with a backslidden nation

He is working with a people who are totally lost

When they found the book to them it was a beautiful find. But to Josiah who the scripture says had a tender heart and who humbled himself this was extremely important.

He reached up and grabbed his king’s garment and ripped it off of his back. This again was a showing of humilty and sorrow over his nation’s sin.

Josiah said we are getting ready to do all that is in that book.

Jeremiah knew well when he wrote in Lam 4:20 The breath of our nostrils, the anointed of the LORD, was taken in their pits, of whom we said, Under his shadow we shall live among the heathen.

He saw that Gods people would again be in bondage because of their backsliding, he said we are going to live because of Josiah having saved the wonderful word of god the very inspiration of our lives.

Because of josiahs (fire of the lord, founded and healed by the lord) revival jeremiah was called to prophesy and preach

A couple of others that came out of this revival

Daniel was born

Eziekel sharach mesheck and Abednego

Around 20 years old he began to tear down altars and burned then with fire and even through the ashes out

An 800 year old problem taken care of by Josiah who had the fire of god

He Went throughout the whole nation of juda and everywhere he found a grove or highplace or idol he broke it down

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