Summary: We need real revival today not some infatuation of uncontrolled behavior but a whole community changed by the power of God.

Romans 12:1-2 “We Need The Real Thing!”

Intro: Several years ago Coke changed it’s formula. It was an utter failure to try and improve on the real thing. Today people are trying to imitate revival. Some try to drum it up. Revival still comes the old fashioned way...II Chron. 7:14

The church has tried to change the formula for REVIVAL...

-If we get a better Preacher…….

-If we get more People…..

-If we get better Programs…..

-if we get a bigger building…..maybe a Family Recreational Ministerial Outreach Life Center/Gymnasium…..

The FORMULA for REVIVAL hasn’t changed… is still

“If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways , THEN will I hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land….”

I. REVIVAL OF CONSECRATION! (Sanctify – set apart to serve…)

A. Remember what you were…..lost, hopeless……PREACH!

We’ve forgotten our fallen condition….

B. Look at who you are…..Are you where you said you would be?????

-“Oh, God….I’ll go to Africa…

C. Be who God called you to be…..Start over today…..

“What’s done is done…let it go….”


A. The ability to discern between right and wrong……

-It’s not your opinion that matters….it’s THUS SAITH THE LORD….

-It’s not your feelings that matter…. it’s THUS SAITH THE LORD….

-It’s not your traditions that matter… it’s THUS SAITH THE LORD….

-It’s not your we ain’t never done it that way before…

It’s THUS SAITH THE LORD….It is high time that judgement begins

-not in the bars and hangouts…

-Not on the street corners

-not in the crack houses but IN THE HOUSE OF GOD…..

B. Our Conscience is our moral compass….

-We really know most of what is right and what is wrong…the PROBLEM is

We are a rebellious generation….(LAODICEA)


A. The firm belief of something….

B. Action supporting those beliefs…

C. Don’t be tossed to and fro by divers kinds of doctrines….


A. To the Word of God…

B. To the God of the Word…PREACH GOD! BIG GOD!!!

C. To the purpose for which God saved you….Think back to when you surrendered to His will…..

(I Cor. 1:26-30)

This is so we won’t glory in us but in Him…..

-Some of us think we’re God’s gift to His Kingdom…..

-How did God ever keep this church together without me….

-We put God in our personal box for HIS church….We basically tell God what we

will and what we won’t allow Him to do in and through HIS CHURCH

Some of us are committed to the church structure more than to Jesus…..

You need to be committed FIRST to Jesus and that is enjoined with His Purpose for you…

This church is simply where you carry out His purpose for you…..that’s all…..

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