Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: One of the greatest characteristics of a MOM is their willingness to Make Others Matter. That is a characteristic we all should choose.

Philippians 2:1-4


A little useless trivia regarding the title “Mom” straight from Wikipedia…

Abbreviations for "MOM":

Management Object Model, in High Level Architecture (simulation) parlance

Marketing Operations Management, a vision of end to end marketing optimization

Member of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces, a Canadian award for conspicuous merit and exceptional service

Message-oriented middleware, a category of communications software

Microsoft Operations Manager, a network management product

The Modular Ocean Model, a numerical model for studying the global ocean climate system


Mac-on-Mac, software for running legacy Macintosh operating systems under Mac OS X

Mall of Memphis, a defunct mall in Memphis, Tennessee

Methods of Mayhem, an American rapcore band

Method of Moments, a Computational Electromagnetics technique

Ministry of Manpower, a governmental organization in Singapore, Ghana, Oman, and other countries

Ministry of Mayhem, a British children’s television show

Mouse on Mars, a electronic music duo from Germany

Multiple of the Median

DID YOU KNOW??? That if stay-at-home mothers were to draw a paycheque they would make $117,000.00/year? Mothers who work outside the home would be making an additional $68,000.00!

Of all the positive examples of motherhood I have witnessed, there is a quality that I have seen that would go a long way in defining what a mom is…MAKING OTHERS MATTER – which, if abbreviated spells “Mom” – WE SHOULD ALL BE “MOM”…


1)APPRECIATING the very things that God has poured into our lives.v.1

- Encouragement from belonging to Him – paraklesis > Be present

- Comfort from His love

- Fellowship together in the Spirit – Koinonia –joined; in common

Why has God shown these things to us? Because we matter to him AND so that we will know how to treat others.

2)AGREEING in the stuff that matters. V.2

We may not agree on every issue but we are called to be in agreement on the things that count.

By being willing to bypass the minor and keep the main thing the main thing we are “Making Others Matter”

3)APPRAISING ourselves honestly. V.3

When we are selfish – we are placing a higher value on ourselves than others

When we are trying to make an uncharacteristically good impression – we are usually doing it at the expense of someone else.

We are to put ourselves second – BUT at the end of the day, if we ALL seek to live by this rule, there will be no one in “second place”.

4)ATTENDING to the needs of others. V.4

“Making Others Matter” means looking around and taking an interest in others…

THEIR NEEDS – How can I help meet them?

THEIR DREAMS – Is there something I can do to help them fulfill that dream?

THEIR BURDENS – How can I help carry them?

THEIR CALLING – How can I help encourage them in fulfilling their calling?

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