Summary: Family, the smallest unit of society.

August 3, 2002


Joshua 24: 15

“We Will Serve The Lord”

Praise the Lord. I heard from Joni Ericksontada at the radio that today is what they called Family Sunday.

What a special day to celebrate Family Day on the Lord’s Day which is a time for Worship and Prayer.

It is a fact that the family is the smallest unit of our society. Since I was in grade 2 I have been hearing those lines. But what’s so significant about that statement. It is very important because families play a very vital role in shaping the kind of society that we belong.

It’s true because it is in the four corners of our homes that we learn so much about what life is.

Out of the conversations during meal time that we learn the values and that were inculcated in our minds.

I remember when I was a still a young boy that my grandma always gathered her family to discuss issues and joys about the family with love and enthusiasm.

We need to consider the brilliance of our old folks even though they are not educated but I tell you they are full of wisdom coupled with faith in God.

They just learn that by means of family discussion that for every problem there is a solution and joys must always have a place in our hearts.

My friends, what we need today is family get together, family conversations/discussions. People are lonely and downhearted because nobody in the family wants to listen. They are all busy and they are not sensitive to the situations.

That is why our teenagers nowadays are looking for something outside the family that will fill-in the void that is inside of them… what do we see and read in the news paper, young boys hooked up in drugs…teenage girls getting pregnant…by who?

We cannot change the fact that accdg. to statistics, US now belongs to the top ten in drugs and abortion.

And this is a prevalent practice in our society probably because the very nucleus of this society (the family)

is neglected and taken for granted. What is your family doing in this kind of situations?

(Ill) A young lad walked up to his father many years ago, and said with deep earnestness: “Dad, if you don’t do something to help me, I am going to commit suicide tonight!”

The father who had been busy making money was astonished and stunned to know that anything was wrong with his son.

The boy went on to relate his ventures into sin and contracting of a social disease. The father immediately sent the boy to an institution for treatment. In a year he came home and was believed to be cured.

The young man married a beautiful girl who soon gave birth to a son.

When the boy was born, the mother paid with her life. The young father, already overwhelmed with grief, had to bear the added tragic news that the baby was deficient physically and mentally. In desperation, he picked up a revolver, went outside and took his own life. The story did not end there.

The baby lived. He stood one day in a long line of people in buffalo, NY, waiting to shake the hand of the President of the United States, William McKinley.

As he grasped the hand of the President, he drew a gun and took the president’s life.

Not long afterward, he was brought to justice and was executed.”

- Treasury of Illustrations by Paul Lee Tan

This sad story had all started because of a busy father who have no time to his son.

Again why, not only the breadwinners are busy but also the government pampered so much our children.

Yes in some occasions you can impose discipline but is limited because the moment your hands hurt them physically, in a couple of minutes or hours or so… there you go, the best cop in town is knocking on your door and inviting you not to a dinner date but interrogation in the police department.

This probable situations, halt (stop) the very purpose of creating a model family.

But, I tell you even if the society or the government fails to accomplish its duties.. God will not.

We can lean on Him and I will assure you that He is also working non-stop to lead us in the path of perfection.

Joshua penned this deathless statement when he said, “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Joshua was right and he made the greatest decision a father could decide for his family… Joshua will never regret his decision that he and his family will serve the Lord God.

I believe one of the reasons why the society has gone astray or lost because the real and true God - Jesus Christ is out of the picture of our life.

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