Summary: In our text Paul wants you to know if you are weak in your spirituality that you should not despair, because those that are strong should be stepping in to help.



Let me begin this message by asking a few questions. How strong are you?

• Are you strong in spirit or in mind or in both?

• Are you strong in body and spirit but weak in mind, or are you strong in all three?

• Are you weak when it comes to physical temptations and strong when it comes to mental stress?

In our text Paul wants you to know if you are weak in any of these areas that you should not despair, because those that are strong should be stepping in to help. Who are the Strong Paul is referencing? What do the Strong do? How do they help? Paul recounts a list for the strong --

• The strong -- Bear with the failings of the weak

• The strong -- Seek to please for the good of others

• The strong -- Study the scriptures

• The strong -- Have hope and faith

• The strong -- Have a spirit of unity

• The strong -- Encourage fellowship and followship of Jesus

• The strong -- Are accepting of others

• The strong -- Bear with the infirmities of the weak

Paul calls on the strong Christian to bear with the failings of the weak. He calls on you that are strong in the Lord to lift up those around you. It is important we understand there are two types of believers. Hear me Loud and Clear -- BOTH ARE SAVED -

• “STRONG.” “We then that are strong.” Mature in Christ and serving Christ. The Christian life is a personal one as it is our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. In HEBREWS, CHAPTER 5, Paul said, “WHEN FOR THE TIME YE OUGHT TO BE TEACHERS.” Spiritual maturity brings about strength in Christ. This is what God expects from us all!

• “WEAK.” “Infirmities of the weak.” The word “infirmity” is normally used when mentioning sickness, disease, or impotence. Within our context, infirmity is descriptive of the immature child of God who remains in bondage instead of relishing in the liberty that we are to have in Christ

This portion of Scripture is not written to the Pastor alone. The strong speaks of those who --

• Are strong in their personal Faith -- They know they are saved and are servants

• Are strong in the Scriptures -- They can understand and teach the doctrines of the faith

• Are strong in Church -- They are faithful to and serving in the local church

• Are strong in Tribulation -- They are enduring and steadfast when trials come, they don’t easily fall apart

The strong are those who live their lives for Christ and for others, but not self. It is our love for Christ that determines our life lived for Christ. It is our life lived for Christ that counts. We do not have the power, in most instances, to take away the infirmities of the weak. We must do all we can to lift them up.

• Spiritual growth must come from within each of us individually

• Spiritual maturity cannot be forced

• You either want to Grow in the Lord or you don’t

• It is a personal decision each believer must make for themselves

• Spiritual maturity comes with much Responsibility

This text tells the strong to take on the infirmities or the condition of the weaker person. There isn’t any other way around bearing the infirmities of the weak. We must Support – Uphold - Back - Sustain those that are weaker in the faith.

• Not grow Angry with them

• Not grow Frustrated with them

• Not grow Annoyed with them

• Not grow Critical of them

• But Support – Uphold – Back – Sustain – them

• Because we recognize they are Weaker in the Faith

Remember what Paul has told us in I CORINTHIANS 9:22 “TO THE WEAK I BECAME WEAK, TO WIN THE WEAK. I HAVE BECOME ALL THINGS TO ALL MEN SO THAT BY ALL POSSIBLE MEANS I MIGHT SAVE SOME.” He took on the infirmities of those around him for the Glory of God and to win people into God’s Kingdom. Which brings up a very important point? When you are talking with people, into which kingdom are you trying to win them?

• You can’t Beat that person into growing Spiritually

• You can’t Criticize that person into growing Spiritually

• You can’t Verbally Abuse that person into growing Spiritually

• Paul said we must learn to become what they need to help them grow

• That means sometimes we have to get off of our High Holy Horse and help meet their need

There are those among us that are simply weak in faith. Literally, they are weak ‘in the faith’ or ‘in their faith. I suspect that both elements are true. That is, the weak are those who have not yet come to the full realization of the freedom and the liberty which is a part of the faith. “AND YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE” -- ST. JOHN 3:32.

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