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Summary: 1 Corinthians 13 sets out clearly what love is and what it is not. It is important to have such a definition clear in your mind as you begin. This blueprint can be a guide for those days down the road when you feel anything but loving

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I would leave you with an invitation to allow the love of God to create in your married life such a passion. A passion that gives you the courage to create a beautiful and God-filled marriage. A passion that allows you to bring the best of yourself to this marriage, creating a marriage giving life to you and to those around you.

May your marriage also have within it a passion for God, the one who gives us the ability to love and to work at love. Stay close to God because God is the source of this power and love.

You have begun well today. May you continue in your marriage with the words of 1 Corinthians 13 ever before you.

May God bless your beginnings today and may God bless your life together, giving you the passion and courage to continue what you have begun so well today.

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Leonard Atkins

commented on Feb 27, 2007

I appreciated the solid Biblical basis for this wedding devotional. I am working on a wedding service today and needed to get some ideas to start the "juices" flowing. Thanks.

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