Summary: Week 27 in a Wednesday evening study through the book of Revelation


“Seventh Trumpet/The Kingdom Proclaimed

Date: February 5, 2003

Place: Allendale Baptist

Text: Revelation 11: 15-19


We have been waiting since Revelation 8:13 for the third “woe” judgment and here in chapter 11 verse 15 it has finally arrived. When the angel blows the trumpet, 3 events occurred.

An announcement of victory

Verse 15

“The seventh angel sounded…”

 The 7th trumpet includes the 7 bowl judgments which we will see in chapter 16 and all the events leading up to the establishing of the millennial kingdom and then the coronation of Jesus as King.

“And there were loud voices in heaven.”

 Someone said this is the choirs of heaven rejoicing over the announcement that the world belongs to Jesus Christ.

 This is in contrast to the opening of the 7th seal. Remember that there was a great silence in heaven at that time.

This is what they said…

“The kingdom s of this world have become the kingdom s of our Lord and His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever.”

 Over and over in the Bible the world is viewed spiritually as one kingdom, with one ruler and that being Satan.

 Christ does not claim His royal rights until He returns; but the victory has already been won.

 Remember in Matthew 4:8-9 Satan offered Jesus the world’s kingdoms, but He refused the offer.

 Instead He died on the cross, arose and returned victoriously to heaven. There God the Father gave Him His inheritance.

 But we also need to understand that our Lord is reigning today.

 Remember Revelation 3:21 told us Jesus is enthroned with the Father, and 1 Corinthians 15:25 tells us He will reign until He defeats all His enemies.

 Jesus rules over the spiritual kingdom, but one day He will rule over the nations of the world.

Next we see…

An acclamation of praise

Verse 16

 The elders we saw in chapter 4;4, which we said represent the redeemed, get out of their own thrones and fall down on their faces and worshiped God.

 They give thanks to God for 3 special blessings: 1) That Christ reigns supremely verse 17

Matthew 28:18 says “And Jesus came and spoke to them saying, all authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.”

Jesus has absolute sovereign authority; He has Lordship over all. The time of His humiliation has ended and God has exalted Him above all.

2) That Christ judges righteously verse 18

John MacArthur says of this verse; “No longer terrified, the world will be filled with rage against God.” Human nature has always wanted their own way; to turn against God’s will and pursue their own sinful nature.

3) That Christ rewards graciously verse 18

III. An assurance of God’s faithfulness

Verse 19

Chapter 11 opened with a temple on earth, now we see the temple in heaven.

 In the OT tabernacle and temple the ark stood behind the veil, in the holy of holies.

 God’s glory rested on the ark and His law within the ark which beautifully shows that the two must never be separated.

 He is holy God and must deal righteously with sin

 But He is also a faithful God who keeps His promises to His people.

 John has seen the throne of God; the altar of God and now the holy of holies.

 As the earthly Holy of Holies was opened when the price of sin was paid, so is the Holy of Holies opened to speak of God’s saving new covenant and redeeming purpose in the midst of judgment.

“And there were lightnings, noises, thunderings, an earthquake, and great hail.”

 Again this is the onset of a great storm.

 Even greater judgment is about to come on a rebellious world.

 But God’s people need not fear the storms for He is in control.

 The ark reminds His people of them of His presence and the faithfulness of His promises

The stage is now set for the dramatic appearance of “the beast”, the false Christ who will control the world.

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