Summary: God has a scale and He will hold us accountable.


By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.

TEXT: Daniel 5:25 And this is the writing that was written, MENE,MENE,TEKEL,UPHARSIN.

26 This is the interpetation of the thing, MENE --

God hath numbered thy kingdom, and FINISHED it.


God has a rule or a standard by which God holds men accountable.


I ponder having needs or being short on things,

faminess and shortages.

I ponder having too much? Is this possible?

I ponder today we in the USA have many problems with being over-weight?

Many health problems can grow out of the lack of

self control.

Weight problems of a serious nature,

this is a sermon we must consider.

First, let me share a story I read in a magazine ...

Elizabeth Taylor, the great movie star

had gained many pounds and just got fat.

One day she started dropping weight and got

back to her "star figure."

The reporter ask Liz, why?

What made you lose weight.

She said, while traveling with her husband in

Virginia. She was at a motel, got out of the shower

and there in a full length mirror,

she saw how fat she really was.

Prior to this she had been using only small mirrors,

and avoided seeing herself as she really was ...


When she saw and realized how fat she was,

it was easy to lose weight.

Now, this story is powerful.

Not at all about the fat, but seeing herself

as she really was then bringing about change.

Our enemy wants us to use small mirrors to hid the facts of our real condition.

We must see self in the light of the word,

and the shadow of the cross.

Do we avoid real full length mirrors?

Do we avoid the truth?

The whole truth?

Nothing but the truth?

I know, some great man said,

"Gravity and time is an enemy to all."

But maybe daily habits and choices have

something to do with who, what, and how

we really are?

Maybe it is more than gravity, how about gravy?

There is a spirit of gradualness.

I know some people that have a "victim spirit"

and feel like the whole world teams against them.

Many act like they have no choices.

This is a lie from hell, we are what we are ...

because that is what we choose to be.

I need to start the sermon with establishing,

we have need of measurement: inches, feet, yards,

kilometers, gallons, liters.

We need a system to measure blood pressure

and we put mercury in a tube.

A glucometer to measure blood sugar.

An air gauge for the tires.

At church I sat a medical scales and place them at the center of the altar, and said I was going to weigh every person and announce to all.

That got the attention real fast.

My text was Daniel 5:27 Tekel: Thou art weighed in the balances, and found wanting.


God has a scales, they are accurate and true.

Yes, we all know the mene ...

days are numbered and will be finished.

Why do we here so little about the tekel.....

The spiritual weigh in?

Before every price fight there is a weigh in??

Belshazzar’s knees knock when he realizes

God is going to have a weigh in and how sad to be

wanting? (

Dan.5:22 .... Belshazzar knew this day was coming.

He saw his dad, Nebuchadnezzar have a nervous

breakdown and live like an animal because he

failed his weight test.

The same PARTY HARDY attitude and a lack of using a full mirror to see self as he really was will cost this young man dearly.

Belshazzar the party is over, Dan.5:6.

The improper diet of the eternal things,

the wrong priorities, pay day comes.

What if OLE Bel, would have got on God’s

scales and self-evaluation and corrected?

One more point about this:

Heb. 12:1 ... Lay aside every weight, and the sin

which so easily beset ...and run with patience


In high school we had this star player that was

lazier than mud.

Often the coach placed 5 pound bags of sand

around his ankles, he had to wear them all week.

Right before the game,

the coach untied the weights and sent the boy to

the floor.

He jumped higher and built strength,

by laying aside the weights.

Many are willing to lay aside sin, but God is asking us to lay aside the weights.

What would happen if we laid aside television for a

period of time?

The Mormons as misdirected as they are, will not

watch TV on Monday night,Family Night.

We dare not ask our people to lay aside weights,

because we might have to walk disciplined before

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