Summary: The Father’s forgiveness of a failing son.

Luke 15:11-24

Welcome Home!

Intro – Melody in the Key of F

I. He was an Ungrateful Worm (11-12)

a. His audacity 11-12 (boldness to ask)

b. His avarice 12 (greed)

c. His ambition 12 (selfishness, fleshly)

d. His animosity 12 (hatred of Father & others)

II. He lived in Unbridled Waste (13-16)

a. His pilgrimage 13a (far country)

b. His pleasure 13b (loose living)

c. His predicament 14 (famine)

d. His perception 15-16 (hungry for slop)

III. He became an Unpretentious Wretch (17-19)

a. His epiphany 17 (a light came on!)

b. His reality 18 (I was wrong!)

c. His humility 19 (He repented!)

IV. He received an Unbelievable Welcome (20-24)

a. The Father’s compassion 20 (undignified!)

b. The Son’s confession 21 (forgive me)

c. The Family celebration 22-24 (party time!!!)

The FOUR things he received when he came home!

The Robe – first in rank & value, the kingly robe, the gold medal, the Rolex watch, the mink robe, the Lexus

The Ring - denotes authority as a son

The Sandals – reveals his kinship not slave position.

The Fatted Calf – the height of hospitality, party time!

Rejoice, my son is alive and is found!!!

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