Summary: I deal with the fact that we are not inherently good but sinners in need of "Someone" to fix us.

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Tonight we are going to talk about another reason why some people are not interested in the God of the Bible.

The second element of any worldview is the way it explains the human dilemma. Why is there war and suffering, disease and death? "Why?" This one word question has been the motivation behind many arguements, theories and speculations throughout the years trying to explain what is wrong in our world today. There are two basic worldviews that create a need for dealing with this topic and that is the utopianism view and the Biblical view. Let me explain what the utopian view is first then what the Biblical view asserts.

The Utopian view says humans are intrinsically good and that under the right social conditions, their good nature will emerge. We have seen this philosophy at work in many different ways through the years. It was and is believed that we are the products of the environment. The reason for poverty, ignorance, crime and other undesirable social conditions is because we have yet to create a better environment. One does this by improving education, enhancing economic conditions, and reengineering social structures. Given the right conditions, utopianism believe human perfectibility has no limits. This is the answer utopianism gives for why there is evil.

We saw this in the Great Society of the 1960’s where politicians were converted into thinking that what would take to help solve poverty and crime would be a well-designed, well-funded government program. Unfortunately history tells us that that wasn’t the answer. The utopianism of the Great Society offered no real answer to the dilemma of moral breakdown because it redefined moral maladies as technical problems that could be solved by bureaucrats. Instead of treating human beings as moral agents who must be addressed in the language of duty and responsibility, the Great Society treated them as objects to be shaped and manipulated.

What has been the result of this philosophy? Our children today are taught above all else, to like themselves. Grammar errors go uncorrected for fear the read X mark will damage the student’s self-esteem. The reason for our wrong behavior is not because we made a wrong choice but because we are products of a bad environment. Our behavior is caused by our view of life or view of our parents. There is no longer personal responsibility. Adults who once gave firm and unequivocal moral direction—parents, teachers, even pastors—have been indoctrinated with the idea that the way to ensure healthy children is not to tell them what’s right and wrong but to let them discover their own values. And that is exactly what they are doing!

ILLUSTRATION: In Oakland, California, a teen with a knife chases a woman down the street, while a crowd gathers and chants, “Kill her, Kill her!” like spectators at a sporting event. Someone in the crowd finally trips the frightened woman, giving her assailant a chance to stab her to death. (Naples Daily News August 15, 1993)

In Dartmouth, Massachusetts, three boys surround a ninth-grade classmate and stab him to death. Afterward they laugh and trade high fives, like basketball players celebrating a slam dunk. (Boston Herald, Sept. 25, 1994)

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