Summary: You will experience trials, tribulations, disappointments and hardships that could have been avoided. • The Bible reminds us in Pro. 13:15b, • “…the way of the unfaithful is hard.”

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Pastor Allan Kircher Shell Point Baptist Church

Jonah 1:1-17

“Where so much like Jonah”

We are studying the doctrines/Bible/wed/Sun/nights

• There are 30/out of all

• Doctrine/grace/hardest doctrine/Bible to accept.

• It’s not that grace is hard to understand.

• We know what the word means.

• Our problem comes in the application.

• Grace asks us to accept two things we don’t want to accept:

1. There is nothing we can do to save ourselves.

2. If God doesn’t save us, we will never be saved.

Nothing more clearly summarizes the true meaning of grace than Jonah 2:9, “Salvation is of the Lord."

That statement/striking/humorous because it comes from the world’s worst missionary.

• At the beginning he is running from God

• at the end he is arguing with God.

• In between he is praying and preaching.

• He’s no hero. He’s an anti-hero.

God never gives up on Jonah, not when he runs away and not when he sits under a vine and pouts.

• We’re so much like Jonah that it’s scary.

• There’s a little Jonah in all of us

• And a whole lot of Jonah in most of us.

That’s why we need, not just grace, but outrageous grace.


God has an amazing way of getting our attention!

He calls us to a task/His kingdom but then we will draw back from Him and go our own way.

• When that happens

• the Lord will come after us

• pursue us until He brings us back to Him

• and His plan for our lives.

• When the Lord has an assignment for you

• He is determined that you will carry it out.

• He will not just allow you to walk away while He does nothing.


This is one/lessons/book of Jonah.

God called/prophet/task he did not want to do/he ran from/Lord.

• But, God persevered and sent Jonah/prison experience

• Get his attention and gain his cooperation.

• This prison wasn’t constructed/brick, mortar/metal bars.

• It was a prison built of flesh and blood/bars of ivory.

It was/strange prison/Jonah/convinced/god’s plan was/right plan.

I want to join Jonah/his prison/deal with/truths we find there.

I want to show you can run/God/His will for your life, but you can never hide.

If necessary, He will send you into a prison experience to get your attention and gain your cooperation.


A. 1:1-3 It Is A Road Of Disobedience –

• God had called Jonah to a specific task.

• Told to go/warn/city/Nineveh/judgment/coming/their town.

• God wanted/extend His grace/lost/needy people

• Jonah wanted no part of it!

• God wanted to save the heathen people of Nineveh.

• Jonah, on the other hand, hated them

• Could have cared less if they had died and went to Hell!

Why/Jonah possess such/deep hatred for the people of Nineveh?


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