Summary: How we respond to our circumstances is critical to the otucome.

What A Set Of Circumstances!!!

This morning we are going to examine the last sermon in this years Christmas series.

We’re going to look at Matthew 1 and talk about what a set of circumstances.

So what do you do and what does God do when you have a set of circumstances?

We’re going to look at 3 points this morning.

Let’s read Matt. 1:18-21, 24 Prayer

1. God Speaks To Discerning People vs. 20

When you have a set of circumstances, it’s good to be a discerning person.

What does Discern mean?

"to separate, discriminate;" then, "to learn by discriminating, to determine, decide."

Discernment is the ability to recognize God.

When He speaks, When He gives circumstantial direction.

When there are circumstances, He speaks and what we have to do is LISTEN, BE LOOKING FOR HIM, FOR HIS DIRECTION, THE MARKS OF HIS INVOLVEMENT.

2. He Makes Circumstances That Are Miraculous vs. 20

This is very simple.

When there are circumstances He does miracles.

He works miraculously.

So here you have perspective preparation.

We have to expect the miraculous rather than hope or wonder or dismiss the possibility.

3. Finally It’s Easy To Do Our Part vs. 24

Finally all we have to do is our part.

Vs. 24 Joseph does his part.

We have to be bold enough, committed enough, prepared enough or whatever is necessary to help us be ready when the time for action arrives.

Or we can accept the alternative, just accept the circumstances.

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