Summary: Read Isaiah 1:4-6.

Read Isaiah 1:4-6. In those verses there is a nation addressed that the Bible says were laden with iniquity, corrupters, people that had forsaken the Lord and provoked Him to anger. Although God was addressing Israel, how much it sounds like He is speaking of our America. Our nation is being over-run with sexual impurity,

pornography, greed, corruption in and outside of the church. What

does this nation really need to get us back on track? Let me share with you a few things that God put upon my heart to give to you.

I. Personal Master- Everyone born of Adam's race is born with a need for a Savior (Isa.64:6). We must have the Lord Jesus to dominate over us, rather than the world, the flesh and the Devil. Christ is pure, powerful and precious to those who receive Him.

II. Praying Mothers- Thank God for mothers who know how to touch God in behalf of the needs of relatives, friends and neighbors. There are many mothers who are wrapped up in the things of the world and the cares of this life. Someone has rightly said, "The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world." "Throne-room" mothers are first saved, they are sanctified, and they are Spirit-filled. I once heard Evangelist Joe Parsons say his mother went into the fields years ago, prayed for a son and said to God, "If you will give a son to me, I will give him back to you." As a result, God gave Brother Joe to her. Brother Parsons has touched lives all over America; his mother was a praying mother.

III. Preaching Ministers- Many today have forsaken preaching and

have replaced it with intellectual addresses and philosophical

wrangling. We are to "preach the Word" (2 Tim.4:2). Preach it with

sincerity, simplicity and with the Spirit's power. Our cry should be

"preach preacher preach." God deliver us from watered down, lifeless messages. May God send down old time power upon us!

IV. Passionate Members- The members of this nation and especially the members of the local church are what I have in mind. Those members, if they are right, they will be-humbled within (2 Chr.7:14), telling it out (Acts 1:8), reaching down (into God's field for handfuls on purpose) (Ruth 2:16), and pointing up toward a hill called Calvary, telling the sinner there is salvation available for him (Jn.12:32). Let's be the kind of Christian that will seek to promote God's will on earth.

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W Pat Cunningham

commented on Dec 30, 2009

Very much to the point. Gives me some good direction.

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