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Summary: A compelling message on the altar. This text is the only mention of the altar being called (Ed) in the bible. I built up this message and gave hints for a month and no one could guess the message. I even had buttons made up (What in the world is Pastor go

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What About Ed?

by: Pastor Donny Granberry


This morning, I would like to introduce you to Ed.

Ed has been a friend, a strong tower, a shelter in the time of storm, and a solid foundation to all who have sought him out.

Ed could not speak to us today, but he is here with us.

Ed has been around since the beginning of time, and is still as much alive today as he was in the O.T.

Ed has been forgotten, neglected, and even asked to leave many places.

As long as Ed has been remembered, the people and places have prospered, but when Ed has been forgotten and mistreated, there have been serious consequences.

I thought it would be fitting to give a brief biography about Ed.

We find Ed mentioned all through the Bible.

As a matter of fact, Ed is mentioned 375 times in the KJV of the bible.


Most people don’t realize this, but Noah and his family were not the only ones who survived the flood, Ed survived the flood also.

If you were to look closely at the 8th chapter of Genesis, you will see that not only Noah, Shem, Ham, Japeth, and there wives mentioned, but so was Ed.

Ed went with Lot into the plain of Jordan when Lot and Abraham separated to keep peace among their herdsmen.

Everything went well until Lot and his family moved into Sodom and Gomorrah and turned their backs on Ed.

Abraham decided to take Ed with him and gave him the proper honor that Ed deserved.

Even after Isaac was born, Abraham included Ed in the development of Isaac’s life and Abraham and Isaac spent much time with Ed and Isaac learned to love Ed.

Isaac also taught his sons to love and respect Ed, and made Ed an important part of their life.

Esau decided to turn away from Ed, but Jacob had a deep love for him and made him an important part of his life.

Jacob too taught his children to love Ed and to give place for him in their life.

Joseph’s relationship with Ed gave him the strength and desire to be faithful to his God in every circumstance he faced.

From Jealous brothers, to being in the pit, being sold as a slave, being falsely accused, being imprisoned, and then showing kindness to his brothers, all of this came from Joseph spending time with Ed.

Ed was with the Children of Israel when they were delivered from Egypt and Pharaoh and began their journey to Canaan.

Ed was there when they built the wilderness tabernacle and was one of the first to go into the tabernacle.

When the Israelites decided they didn’t need Ed anymore, the presence of God and the protection of God would leave them.

Ed was in Jerusalem when Solomon’s Temple was built and was in the service when it was dedicated and the glory of the Lord filled the temple.

Ed was also there when the wicked Kings ruled over Israel and decided they did not want Ed in the Tabernacle anymore and expelled him from the house of God.

Ed left the temple the day that Eckebod was written in the door of the temple. (The spirit of the Lord has gone)

After Ed left, the Judah was taken away as captives to Babylon.

Ed went to Babylon and was a strength to Sadrach, Meshack, and Abednego was thrown into the fiery furnace.

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