Summary: Find the purpose of your life by examining Esther’s experience

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What Am I Here For?

Objective: Participants shall find their mission in life by applying lessons from Queen Esther’s experience.

In the 470s BC, King Xerxes ruled Persia and Esther was queen. For background, read the book of Esther ( or Megillat Esther and Purim) and below. Then write: My life purpose is ___________.

1. I am here to speak up...for God...with words and service.

>I cannot keep silent. Once I refused, but now I must prepare and speak up (Esther 4:14).

>Esther was no accidental beauty queen. She was God’s plan. When blessed, ask: Why me, Lord?

*Like Joseph, Ruth, Daniel and David, I can choose to speak up when asked or when I can help.

***By worshiping (upreach) and fellowshipping (inreach), I too prepare to speak up (outreach).

***My 3 great choices of life: my faith (upreach), my spouse (inreach), and my job (outreach).

**Life is a test: A- I am a Player (Life is a game), B- I am an Achiever (Life is a power-race), or

C- I am a Messenger (Life is a com-mission).

*What will you be when you grow up (down)? Who really needs you? You are made by God for God.

2. I am here to speak up now...or forever miss my opportunity.

>I was born for such a (difficult) time as this (Esther 4:14). I was elected/commissioned for this.

*Only I can reach some now. I can follow God’s plan and live forever. Or I can delay and perish.

*I have been given gifts (& passion) to use in my assignment. In my testimony, timing is everything.

***The past is Bible History, the glorious present is now, and the future is the Advent of the Lord.

***Today I have still many opportunities to help, to heal, to encourage someone in God’s stead.

**But this life is temporary: My Alien Resident’s Card is expiring. Time is a gift that ends.

*What opportunity is at hand? And in what big task will (and did) God use me? Your will, not mine!

3. I am here to speak up with certainty at all cost...and fearlessly risk all.

>If I perish, I perish. I dedicate my life fully to be God’s messenger (Esther 4:16).

*God gives me parcels to deliver, some big ones and many small ones. In any weather.

*What am I worth? Can my life make a difference? Is it worth to chance all on God? Yes!

*I simplify and de-clutter my life so that I can find all that I lost. I find my mission.

*My mission is to play the 2nd God. What a privilege! What will it cost me? All.

**I am handing God a signed blank page and ask Him to write in my detailed orders. By faith.

*Paul: "The work assigned me by the Lord is telling the Good News about God’s love." Acts 20: 24

*What is your life purpose? Is it your job or family or something else? Will you go for it?

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