Summary: In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus shares numerous key details about the signs of the end. This message examines five of the things He shares.

THE FINALE: There is an end to this age.

- Matthew 24:3-14.

- There are a myriad of thoughts about what the future looks like:

a. Some presume a dystopian future.

b. Some presume unending progress.

c. Some presume A.I. will outpace us.

d. Some presume that we will destroy ourselves.

e. Some presume that God has a plan and will bring it to pass.


1. False teaching from false prophets.

- Matthew 24:4-5, 6b, 8, 11.

2. Wars and violence.

- Matthew 24:6-7.

3. Religious persecution and betrayal.

- Matthew 24:9-11.

4. An increase in wickedness.

- Matthew 24:12.

5. The gospel is preached to the whole world.

- Matthew 24:14.

CONCLUSION: As a general reminder, we as Christians are called to stand firm.

- Matthew 24:13.

- This passage is speaking of things going on in the Great Tribulation. Because of that, the presumption many commentators have is that this is happening after the Rapture and therefore the believers referred to here are people who have come to believe during the Tribulation.

- Nonetheless, it is a good general reminder to us even today: we are to stand firm.

- We live in a world that is opposed to the things of God. Because of that, we should not be surprised that we are pushed to go in ungodly directions. He will someday bring things to a conclusion that will remedy that, but for now we must stand firm.

- All of this ends well (as we will see in the weeks to come as we work through these passages), but that doesn’t mean that there are not great difficulties in the meantime.

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