Summary: Are we faithful stewards of all God has entrusted to our care?

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What Are You In Charge Of?

(Luke 12:34-40)

What is the sum total of everything you’ve amassed in your life? You have a car and nice clothing. You have aquired some jewelry. Maybe you have a home of your own and maybe you’re feeling pretty secure in your ability to earn money and provide for your family. Some people are struggling just to make it in these days of high prices. You may say you’re enjoying life, but we can enjoy life more if we learn the simple truth, that if we are in Christ, He will supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory (see Phil. 4:19).

God in His wisdom has given each of us certain talents and abilities which we can use or abuse to whatever extent we choose. He would like us to dedicate these resources back to Him but He will not force us to do so. If we do however, He is blessed. If we don’t, we are condemning ourselves to a life of dispair, and an eternity of loneliness.

In the same way that the servants were to be ready for their master’s return; we ought to examine the how of our wait for our Lord’s return.

1. The Lord tells us to be ready for His return:

A. Are you ready for His return right now? Are you prepaired? This means in your attitude. Not just because you’ve been told to, but because you love the Lord and want to please Him. The fact is that He could return at any time (see Matt. 24:44). Are you ready? Is your spiritual house in order?

B. Have you accepted the responsibility to serve. Are you willing to do anything at all as necessary to satisfy His requirements? Are you so wrapped up with the day to day cares of your life that you ignore God? Many people do you know. They make excuses. They say, "I’m a good person", and "God understands." That’s the truth too! How sad it is they lack a true grasp of God’s plan.

C. God made mankind for His good pleasure. He will never leave you or forsake you. If you will call on Him and trust Him, all things will turn into benefits.

2. The Word of God says Christ will return. It’s a promise!

A. When Christ returns will He find you watching for Him, or will you be caught off guard? We don’t know when He will return, but throughout the Bible we’re told to be ready. Are you making preparations or are you putting it off?

B. Those who are found faithful will be invited to sit at meat with the master. He wants to share the His odyssey and lavish His wealth upon us. Are you ready?

3. Will you rejoice with Him when He comes?

A. Will you be happy to see Him as He really is? Will you enter His gates with thanksgiving in your heart, or will you cower and try to hide the reality of your shortcomings from God? You know as well as I do that we have no place to hide ffom God and no excuse. Isn’t it time you poured yourself out to Him? Isn’t it time to get your ego out of the way and let Him use you?

B. Even if the master returns in the middle of the night the faithful servant is ready. When He comes He will put an end to death, sorrow, crying and pain (see Rev. 21:4). Those who are taken up before the great time of trouble, will have their faith justified.

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