Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: What we are satisfied with determines what we do and how hard we work.

What are you satisfied with?

What we are satisfied with determines what we do and how hard we work.

God does reward honest labor.

What about spiritual life?

Paul said, “Be ye filled with the Spirit.”

I. What are you satisfied with in church services?

1. Lessons

2. Prayer

3. How often meets

4. Songs

5. How many assemble

6. Order to assemble

7. Elders and Deacons

Women to read when no men are available.

I Corr 14: “Let all things be done decently and in order.”

II. What are we satisfied with in church growth?

1. Growth in Love, Unity and Truth

Can’t call someone and say where were you?

2. Gospel meeting once a year

One new convert once a year or two years

No new converts

Purpose of church is to spread the gospel

3. Mission work…..start new churches!

Rev 2: 4-5

Rev 3: 14-19

When a church is actively spreading the gospel it will grow.

Rom 1: 16 Sower

There are other things that will cause an increase in attendance:


Women teachers (I Cor 14)

Piano or band


Softball team

God ordained that we were to grow by preaching Christ.

Heb 5: 9

Rom 10: 17

Rom 14: 23

Rev 2: 14-17

Rev 2: 20-25

III. Self Service—What are you satisfied with?

Rom 12: 1

1. Work for the Lord

2. Love-just a few members or few people-friends, family, enemies

Christ said, “If love only those who love us….”

3. Giving

IV. Self Growth—in spirit

1. Satisfied to grow only by preaching

2. What your hear or see on TV or radio

3. Satisfied with past beliefs or to what you have been told

4. Search the Bible for the truth

5. How often do you study the Bible?

2 Thess 2: 9-10

Heb 5: 11-14

Moses wasn’t satisfied to live a life of leisure and plenty as an Egyptian.

Heb 11: 24-29

Josiah wasn’t satisfied with the people’s worship.

2 Chron 34: 24-33

Paul wasn’t satisfied…opportunity to preach.

What are we satisfied with?

Is God satisfied with that?

Will what we are satisfied with satisfy God?

Talents—God does not expect the same from everyone but does expect growth and doing your best.

Mal 1: 6-8

Mal 2: 7-9

Mal 3: 7-10

Paul said, “Be filled”

If you are filled there is no room for hatred, envy, lust, jealousy, and pride.

1. Not being faithful

Jeremiah 4

2. Lord was not satisfied to allow us to be lost.

3. Not being baptized

4. Not working for the Lord

Isiah 55:3

II Peter 3: 9

Mark 16:16

Heb 11: 6 Rom 10: 10

I Peter 3: 21-22

Christ paid the price for our sins.

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