Summary: To instruct and encourage and help to understand patience and how it affects your stewardship.

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To instruct and encourage and help to understand patience and how it affects your stewardship.

Introduction: Questions that will guide our understanding process:

1. Do you understand what patience is?

2. Do you want to know the key to having patience?

3. Do you know the fruit of patience?

Introduction to Patience:

Patience works under the spiritual law of stewardship.

Stewardship is God’s plan to fulfill our lives.

Patience is the running mate to faith.

Patience is the ability to rest in testimony that we have.

Faith and patience are often mentioned together.

Revelation 14:12

Patience – Greek – helpo – abide

Mono – under

Abide or live under authority of Word of God.

Four Definitions of Patience:

1. Bear trials without murmuring.

2. Uncomplaining endurance under duress.

3. Tranquility while waiting on the manifestation.

4. Longsuffering – suffer a long time

Fruit of Patience:

1. Proof of our belief

2. Evidence of a good and honest heart.

3. Endurance with joy.

4. Produces hope.

5. Produces experience.

6. Works of patience are perfect.

7. Patience produces the promises of God.

8. Patience is a positional thing.

How To Establish Patience:

Patience has nothing to do with time.

Patience is an eternal position.

Patience is not trying to wait it out.

Impatience – inability to abide under the commandments of God; rebellious against God.

1. Repentance

2. Must learn to stay under those whom I deem lower than myself.

3. Strip ourselves of human pride.

4. Pride is the human smokescreen.

Patience: Proof of our Belief:

1. Patience causes the unbeliever to respect God.

2. Causes the unbeliever to respect us.

Patience: Evidence of An Honest and Good Heart:

What is a good and honest heart?

1. Good

That which has a beneficial effect

Pleasing to God

Overcomes Evil

Doesn’t grow weary in well doing.

Honest: desire in my heart to please God.

Enduring with Joy Through Patience:

This is patience: keep the commandments of God and keep your faith in Jesus Christ.

Col. 1:4

Longsuffering – suffer for Christ’s sake; lay aside our agenda and pick up his desire for our life.

Longsuffering – suffer a long time for Christ.

If we are to suffer a long time for Christ:

1. Filled with the knowledge of His will

Romans 12:1

2. Fruitful with every good work

Col. 1:10

3. Strengthen with all might according to His power.

Acts 1:1-8

Patience: Because of Hope:

Hope sustains patience.

Hope – positive expectation; joyful anticipation of what is good

Heb. 11:2

Faith is manifestation of things hoped for.

Promises of Hope:

1. Good hope II Thes. 2:13-16

2. Blessed hope – standing under the flow of God

3. Loving Hope

I Peter 1:3

Gaining Experience Through Patience:

Romans 5:1-5

Experience – that which has been tried, proven, tested, familiar; proof of what we hoped for; hope is based on experience we have.

Three Kinds of Experiences you must have with God:

1. Under pressure

2. In defeat

3. Victory

Patience: Produces the Promises of God:

Hebrews 6:1-12

Must not be slothful in the administration of our affairs.

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