Summary: When we get desperate for God to show up

This was the first Palm Sunday

Several things must happen I believe before Jesus will visit a city.

1.Obedience - vs. 6 we can see that the disciples followed, or obeyed, what Jesus said for them to do in vs. 2

2.Jesus must show up - vs. 10 we can see that when Jesus shows up the whole city will be moved

3.Sharing the story - vs. 11 we can see that the people had to tell others who he was

4.Allowing Jesus to fix the church - vs. 12 & 13 we can see that once the stuff was cleaned out of the church and it had to become a praying church

5. The miracles start - vs 14 we can see that once the church began to get fixed then Jesus healed the blind and the lame

6. Religious leaders still skeptical - vs. 15 & 16

7. Jesus’ response to them - vs. 16

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