Summary: This sermon looks at Jesus' teaching about marriage & divorce

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INTRO – Annual life insurance policy notice – “Note: A change in marital status could necessitate a new beneficiary designation. Please contact your agent if your marital status has changed.”

I think we can safely say that the status of marriage in America has definitely changed – and NOT for the better!

- Our government has gotten involved in the society shifting decision to redefine marriage to legitimize & legalize same-sex marriage.

o Just this past wk, a district judge in PA struck down that state’s ban on gay marriage. Washington Post article: “Judicial victories for gay marriage are coming almost daily now.” Said the decision broke “new doctrinal ground” (

- The ease of divorce – Did a Google search for “easy divorce” – 1st page had websites & ads that made these types of statements:

o “Easy online divorce – Doing your own divorce is easy”

o “Quickie divorce”

o “Completed divorce in 3 easy steps”

o “Do It Yourself Divorce Kits”

o “Divorce online is fast & easy”

o “$89 Divorce Pkg – Call now!”

- Reality TV has jumped on the polygamy bandwagon w/ shows like “Sister Wives” & “My Five Wives.” Fox News website had this to say about “My Five Wives”: “Their show begins airing in a social and political climate that has softened significantly toward plural families in recent years.”

- Cohabitation/Living together – This trend is growing more & more all the time. Unmarried couples living together in unprecedented numbers now. One report I read said that 2/3 of new marriages in the US start in cohabitation. It’s the new normal for most marriages in our society today.

o Rachel’s conversation w/ nurses at work.

So, as we’ve noted, it’s pretty obvious to even the most casual observer that the status of marriage in our society today is changing, & not for the better. When we consider the status of marriage in our society today, it has some interesting effects on us as Christ-followers:

- Fires us up – Makes us mad as we see more & more opposition to the truth of God’s Word. Sometimes it’s hard to remember Eph. 6:12 – “We are not fighting against humans. We are fighting against forces and authorities and against rulers of darkness and powers in the spiritual world” (GNT).

- Freaks us out – Just can’t believe that we are seeing these things happen in our society. And can’t believe how rapidly things are changing.

- Frightens us for the future – Can’t help but wonder what kind of long-term effects these changes are going to have on our kids, grandkids, our communities, the church, our laws as a nation, & other areas of our lives.

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