Summary: How to answer the question, "What did you get for Christmas"!

What Did You Get For Christmas?

The Indescribable Gift

2 Corinthians 9:15 and Isaiah 9:6

Intro – This morning I would like to help you answer a question that you will surely be asked, if not later today, sometime next week. And the question is this:

A. What did you get for Christmas?

I’m sure at some point that you will be asked this question, and the usual way to answer it is to go through the list of things that family and friends got you, at least the most significant things!

But in answering the question in this way, I think we are missing a great opportunity for two reasons:

1. Firstly, because none of the things that family and friends got you are not really the most important thing you got for Christmas, as you will see!!

2. And secondly, because answering this way misses a great opportunity to focus people on the true meaning of Christmas – which is to celebrate the giving of the most

glorious gift ever given – God giving the world His Son!

a. Listen to John 3:16a – quote.

Now, look at 2 Corinthians 9:15. (Screen)

A. Notice that this verse does two very important things for us:

b. Firstly, it reminds us that we need to truly be thankful for the gift that God gave us in His Son – quote John 3:16a again.

i. This is the essence of Christ – having received the gift of Jesus in time past – to remember the gift, to be thankful for the gift, to celebrate the gift and to bare witness to

the gift.

c. And secondly, 2 Corinthians 9:15 reminds us that the gift that God gave us on that first Christmas is “indescribable”!

i. Talk about why!!!!!!!!!

Now, even though there is a sense in which this gift is truly “indescribable”, yet the bible at least begins to describe it for us so that we can begin to see something of the wonder and the majesty of this “indescribable” gift!

Of the many texts that I could chose to use, to begin to describe this gift for you, I chose Isaiah 9:6. This text will help you begin to provide an answer to those who ask you “What did you get for Christmas”??

A. Read Isaiah 9:6. (Screen)

Now in looking at this text, I want you to notice 2 things to help you answer the question -- “What did you get for Christmas”?

1. Firstly, what the gift is!

2. And secondly, what the gift is like!

a. Isn’t this how you would answer the question on a horizontal plane?

I. What the Gift Is!

So, let’s begin by looking at “What The Gift Is” in verse 6.

A. I hope you noticed in verse 6 that “the gift is a person”! According to

verse 6 – “to us a child was born” and “to us a son was given”!

1. Who is this child and who is this Son??

a. Talk about the “Trinity”, the creation, the fall and God’s plan!!

i. Quote John 3:16 again!

ii. Talk about the incarnation.

1. Turn to and look at Matthew 1:20-23. (Read)

2. Also look at Luke 2:11. (Screen)

2. Talk about how “indescribable” it is that God the Son became a human being so that us “sinners” could be saved.

B. Now, notice also in verse 6 that “the government will be upon His


1. The Son reigned with His Father in eternity past, and even in His

incarnation He was born to rule….

a. Quote Matthew 2:2.

2. Talk about His life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension, and one

day when he comes back, He will reign over all forever!!

a. Quote Philippians 2:9-10 – Therefore God has highly exalted Him and given Him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus ever knee should bow

and every tongue confess that He is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

Summarize – “What the gift is”!!

II. What the Gift Is Like!!!

So, now that we have considered “What we got for Christmas” or “what the gift is” – and everybody got the same gift (talk about “to us”, expanded upon by John 3:16) – now let me share with you a small part of “what this indescribable gift is like”!! (Isn’t that how we do with a gift on the horizontal plane – elaborate)

A. Now, notice the words “and His name shall be called…..” in Isaiah 9:6??

B. Verse 6 gives us 4 names or titles that are given to this “child who was born

to us” and to this “son who was given to us”, and these names or titles begin

to describe for us this “indescribable” gift!

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